The Jewish Snake Described

I have talked about Snakes on this Blog in multiple posts without ever explaining exactly what the Snake is.  In this post I am going to describe the Snake in the best way I know based upon my own observations of it.

The Snake is a single hierarchical power structure consisting of evil men who control the entire world.  One of the traits of the Snake is to hide its existence so it is invisible to the common man.  Most of humanity does not know or even suspect it exists and this is by design because the Snake works best in complete secrecy.  It tries to hide itself by brainwashing ignorant people but there is a growing segment of humanity who are aware of it.  For those who do know about the Snake, it is not seen as a single entity (which it is) but is seen as multiple entities.  The multiple entities are an illusion or false fronts that hide the single entity that the Snake is in reality.  For those who are aware of its existence, the Snake is known by multiple names. Everyone seems to have a different name for it. 

Some call it the (International) Jews.  

Some call it the (Global) Elite.  

Some call it the Illuminati. 

Some call it the ultra rich. 

Some call it the Rothchilds. 

Some call it the (Global) Deep State.  

Some call it a Satanic Cult. 

Some call it Israel.  

Some call it the Khazarian Mafia. 

Regardless of what it is called, it is a single entity that hides itself behind multiple false fronts.  This is by design so that nobody is on the same page as to who is the real enemy and who they should be against.. The Snake hides itself behind multiple false fronts so nobody can see who it is and so that nobody knows who to fight should an organized rebellion to the Snake ever rise up.  Keeping everyone divided benefits the secrecy of the Snake and prevents resistance to it. 

But it is important to state that the Snake is a group of men.  It is not Reptilians.  It is not aliens from another planet or dimension.  It is not fallen spirits.  It is not spiritual.  It is a group of corrupt evil men who have conspired to control the entire world.  Whatever name you want to call it, that is what it is and we must all be aware of that fact.  Our enemy is men and however well organized and well funded and devious they may be, they are men and men can be defeated

When you think about the Snake, think about the Mafia because the Snake is a Mafia on a world wide level.  I call it a Jewish Mafia but for the moment let us leave Jews out of it and just call it a World Mafia. Another name for the Mafia is organized crime but the Snake controls the world.  The Snake controls government.  The Snake controls law enforcement.  The Snake controls courts and the legal system.  Laws apply to humanity but they do not apply to the Snake.  The Snake is above all laws and will never be prosecuted by man made laws.  The power of the Snake is that it controls society so that it can commit crimes with impunity.  People looking for justice in many areas will never find it because the Snake runs the show and it will never allow itself to be prosecuted by governments it directly controls. If justice is ever to come, it will be brought by humanity that the Snake does not control. 

One of the standard M.O.\’s that the Snake uses to control the world is Deception.  This Blog is mainly about discussing the Deceptions of the Snake, the latest of which is Convid 19.  How does the Snake deceive the entire world?

First it makes plans for the future as the Snake wants the future to be.  It creates the kind of world it wants by planning for it and then making it happen.  It starts with careful planning, sometimes years in advance of a future event such as 9-11 or Convid 19.   This planning is usually done in secret but sometimes it can be exposed to the public as in Event 201.  The decisions about which deceptions should take place and the planning for them happens at the top of the hierarchy by the leadership of the Snake.  Let us call these plans a script because that is what they are.  They are script of an event that is supposed to take place in the future which is a deception of the public.  Think of it like a play where everyone has their part in the play and they all work together to make the play a success.  Unlike a regular play where everyone knows it is fiction, in this play humanity is being deceived into thinking it is real and not a play at all.  

Next the careful planning or script is distributed down the Snake Hierarchy so that everyone is on the same page and is acting in lock step with each other. Everyone knows their parts in the deception in advance and they are fully prepared to implement it at the planned time.  Using 9-11 as an example, the corrupt world news media was fully informed and prepared in advance for 9-11 and it knew just what to broadcast on the morning of 9-11-2001.  Everything about 9-11 was carefully planned in advance.  It was not random.  Nothing was left to chance.  The corrupt leadership of the world MSM was fully prepared in advance of 9-11 to carry out the script and show the public on all the media stations what the Snake wanted shown.  Not everyone in the MSM had to know about the deception but the leadership did know.  It is important to understand that this is how secrecy about the deception can be maintained.  A trusted leadership knows about the deception but most do not know so they cannot tell something they do not know.  This is applicable to all Snake deceptions. You need to understand how it works.

More to Come.


The Jewish Snake is very treacherous.  When you ask the question, how evil and treacherous are the Jews really, just think of what they did to JFK. Getting his own wife to do the murder was perhaps the most evil part of it all. This is the true face of the Jewish snake.   Its as evil and treacherous as any villainous mob boss that you can imagine.  When it wants to seek horrible revenge on someone, it knows how to do it and its got the power in its hands to make it happen.

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