What is the Red Pill?

The Red Pill is a Process or a Path that one goes through or follows from Sheephood. 

It starts with a decision to take the Red Pill instead of the Blue Pill.  What does this mean?  It means that you decide that you want to know the truth and you are not afraid of knowing it. It takes courage and integrity to even make the decision to know the truth and to stick with it.   If you let fear keep you from knowing the truth, then that is the Blue Pill and many will choose that because the truth that they begin to discover is too heavy for them to handle.  Once they start to see that the truth is not a positive one, then they want to run away from it. It is the coward\’s way out. I have taken many Blue pills in my journey to know the truth but my desire to know has always brought me back to the pill that is red.  What I discovered is that the more I faced my fears the less afraid I became until I reached a point that I was no longer afraid to know no matter how bad the truth really was.  I just wanted to know.  If you want to know the truth then you will face your fears.  If you don\’t, then you will hide your head in the sand.  So the first part of the red pill journey is to decide to know the truth.  And it is knowable to anyone.  It just takes courage and determination to know it.

Making the decision to know the truth is like starting out on a journey down a long road that appears to stretch into infinity and which you can only see a small part of ahead of you.  You have no idea where the road is going to lead you but if you have determined to walk the road to learn the truth then you do not care where it leads.  You walk it because you want to know.  At first you know next to nothing about the truth but as you journey down the path you learn more with each small step forward.  Its a very long road.  I have been walking it for over a decade.  The farther along the road you travel, the better you can see the truth.  It is a journey of a lifetime to see the truth clearer and clearer as you walk down the road.  I expect I will be walking that road for the rest of my life but this is not all there is to taking the red pill.  

The Path is not just learning the truth for your own personal knowledge.  The Path is to use your knowledge of the Truth to help wake up the rest of humanity who is not aware of what you have become aware of.  Trying to wake others to the Truth you have seen is the beginning of freeing humanity from the Snake that I discussed in the previous post.  All those who learn the truth have a responsibility to wake up others to the truth you have seen.  If you are a red pilled person then you want to help others to become red pilled too.  You have a God given duty to Humanity to help them see the light that you have seen.  Besides learning the truth for yourself, this is your primary duty to Humanity but the Path goes even deeper.

Waking up others to the Truth is the beginning of walking the Path but the real Path is to Free Humanity from the Snake.  This means the destruction of the Snake and its web of deception on Humanity.  The True Path and the God given duty of every red pilled person is to destroy the System.  What is the System?  The System is the Matrix or the web of illusion that the Snake uses to enslave and control humanity.  The Matrix must be destroyed and it can be destroyed by the organized resistance of good intelligent people who are aware of what the System really is, how it works and what its weaknesses are.  The System is like a House of cards that is waiting for the right card to be pulled to make the entire thing collapse in on itself.  The Truth is the ultimate destroyer of a System based on Lies and Deception.  God is Truth and God is on our side in this and against the Snake.

The Snake has given us a great opportunity with the Convid 19 Plandemic.  It has exposed itself in a way that can be used to awaken a huge number of people just as it did during 9-11.  In its arrogance to grab as much control for itself as it can, the Snake has exposed its belly that can be used to destroy it.  Humanity is facing a crossroads in 2021 and going forward.  One way leads to slavery of humanity and victory for the corrupt arrogant Snake.  The other way leads to the destruction of the Snake\’s control grid and the freeing of humanity.  I need every good honest person to help destroy the Matrix.  This is our time to bring down the evil Empire that would make slaves of every one of us.  If you are reading this and you agree with me then please leave a comment.  I need to know that there are others out there who feel as I do.  

More to Come

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  1. Thank you for the info. I will check it out but I have already seen where the Snakes want to take us without having to read someone else's interpretation of it. My primary interest is not in what the Snakes want to do Humanity but in getting Humanity to rise up in open Rebellion against the Snakes. IMO only a Rebellion or Revolution will be effective against the Snake. The Snake will never stop until it gets what it wants or until it is stopped. I hope you understand that but if not I hope you will come to realize it.


  2. I get it now. The world is evil, everything is a hoax. Everyone is a hoax. Whoever is happy is a sheep. No one can be trusted. Commiting suicide is the only way to get out of this evil world.


  3. No, you get nothing. Your cynical dismissal of everything I have said shows who you are. You do not belong here. You belong on cnn.com. I invite you to go there and never come back here. This Blog is not for you.


  4. My favourite quote from Emile Zola. 'When Truth is buried underground it grows,it chokes,it gathers such an explosive force that on the day it bursts forth, it destroys everything that stands in it's way''


  5. Truth is the force that can completely destroy the corrupt System. Unfortunately so few people know what it is in today's world (which is by design) that it makes little difference. We need more people telling the truth a less people following a Jewish self serving demagogue like Trump who spins the truth like his own personal meal ticket. If I had all the Trump supporters on my side I would use them as Truth warriors instead of as fools supporting a man who deserves only condemnation.


  6. First time here after following links in the comments at The Truth Seeker.


    I don’t comment on many sites because I refuse to register (=give more information about myself than I’m comfortable with), but I’ll certainly do my bit to “spread the word”.

    I’ve been on the Red Pill path since around 2005 or 6, after someone dear to me was murdered by the snake.


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