More Discussion about the JonBenet Ramsey murder

Here is my main post about the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  For people who want to know the primary source of my information in that post, it is Nancy Krebs.  I have talked about Nancy Krebs in many other Blog posts but she is the witness who I believe over all others regarding this case.  Everything Nancy Krebs said in her testimony to Boulder, CO authorities in 2000 checks out, including the information about her sister.  I knew nothing about her sister until another researcher revealed her identity to me and everything about her is exactly as Nancy testified.  See this post about her sister.  If you carefully read Nancy Krebs\’ transcripts as I have then you know that all the factual information about her sister checks out.  Her sister\’s daughter witnessed the death of JonBenet Ramsey in the true location of the murder.  The location where JonBenet Ramsey was murdered was NOT at the home of John and Patsy Ramsey.  It was somewhere else in Boulder, Colorado.  Although I have speculated various places where the murder could have taken place, I do not know exactly where it took place.  It was some secretive unknown location in Boulder, CO.  When Burke Ramsey mentioned being shocked by an electric fence at the Christmas day party, this is a big clue IMO about the location.  Where would an electric fence be used?  I contend that the location of the Christmas day party at the Fleet White Jr. residence is a ruse and that the real location of the Christmas day party and the murder was somewhere else entirely.  There is a huge veil of secrecy surrounding this so that its impossible for anyone to find out anything on the internet about it.  Whatever the secret is, it involves Fleet White Sr, who is the father of Fleet White Jr that everyone following this case already knows about.  Fleet White Jr. (the son) had involvement but the real involvement in the murder is his father, Fleet White Sr.  This was the main testimony of Nancy Krebs, that it was Fleet White Sr. who did the murder.  Fleet White Sr. was a famous person from Southern California who owned a big oil and gas company and who was also a former Hollywood movie star who starred in two 1948 films.  Ask yourself as I have asked myself, why in all the coverage of Fleet White Jr. in the JonBenet Ramsey murder did not a single person in the press/main stream media ever say even once that Fleet White Jr. had a famous father?  There was a cover up in the media to completely hide the connection of Fleet White Jr. with his famous father.  There was no mention at all that Fleet White Jr. was employed in his father\’s oil company, Fleet Oil Company.  Does that bother you?  It should, especially in light of what Nancy Krebs said about Fleet White Sr. being the true perpetrator of this crime.  Fleet White Sr. was a famous person who was well known in the Los Angeles, CA area and who hung out with Hollywood celebrities, but try to find a picture of him on the internet and you cannot.  I have looked everywhere for his picture which should be there but its not.  Its like almost all information about this man was scrubbed from the internet at some point in the past and what remains about him is very obscure.  I have had to dig and connect dots everywhere just to get a minimal picture of who he was and still I know very little about him.  He is the key to understanding the truth about this murder.   The truth is still out there waiting to be discovered by some honest person who is not fooled by all the Lies and who is not afraid of finding out the truth.  People deserve to know the truth about what really happened which they are not getting now.  JonBenet Ramsey deserves the minimal justice of the truth about her death being known, even if nobody gets prosecuted for it.  I implore all truth seekers to pick up the thread where I left off and take it further.  Find out about Fleet White Sr, who I call the International man of mystery.  He is the key to understanding.  Put the puzzle together.  I did my best but what I have done is not good enough.  I do not have enough information available to me to put it all together.  I leave it up to you to see what I have done and to find out the truth I could not.

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