Stop posting Convid 19 awareness videos on Youtube

A lot of people are posting Convid 19 awareness videos on Youtube and Youtube is deleting all of these videos very quickly, so that by the time the majority of people are ready to view the video, it has already been deleted.  It is a waste of time to post these videos on Youtube.  Youtube is the Jewish enemy that is in alliance with those behind the Convid 19 scam so STOP USING IT.  Use BitChute.  Use any other alternative but do not use Youtube.  Youtube is fully cooperating with Establishment censorship of the truth so stop posting on it.  And for that matter, please boycott Youtube for being in bed with the Snakes in all this.  Find alternative media.  Stop supporting Jewish Snake media.  This includes Youtube, Facebook and TwitterBOYCOTT THEM.

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  1. Why do people stop all business and stay at home in an entire regions or even evacuate to different places because of a big storm when it only kills a few thousand people at max?


  2. Don't be fooled by what they want you to believe. What they are not doing is not because of Convid 19. What they are doing is to control humanity. The vaccine is not to cure Convid 19. It is to control humanity. Convid 19 is just a means to an end for these Snakes. Its up to people like you to use your brain and think and realize what is happening. You are not being told the truth by the MSM or the government. This is a world wide Psyop to control humanity on a world wide level. You must see that.


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