Demonizing China in the context of Convid 19

I have noticed a trend in reading various articles regarding Convid 19 that I want to make a post about because I think its important for the truth to be known instead of pro USA/anti China propaganda.  The following is a summary of the message I am seeing being pushed on a lot of web sites:

China is behind and responsible for the Convid 19 outbreak.  China is the bad guy.  The USA is blameless.  The West is Blameless.  Its all about China.  China is a threat to the West and particularly the USA.  China is the enemy.  

That is the basic message a lot of web sites are pushing but this is not the truth.  China is not the source of Convid 19 no matter what some people say.  Convid 19 is a long planned Psyop that is world wide.  Just because they chose China to be where the outbreak supposedly started in Wuhan China means nothing.  The Jewish Illuminati is behind this and the U.S.A. is far more responsible than China in the entire operation.  The governments of all countries are playing along with the world wide Psyop but the intelligence agencies of the various countries are trying to convince people that China is behind this and China is the enemy.  Do not believe it.  China is not the true source of Convid 19.  Unfortunately the truth is being shit on by either controlled opposition web sites that are spreading pro USA propaganda as the truth or delusional people who actually believe that all of this is because of Chinese villains.  Its not true. 

More to Come.

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