My Response to the Election \”being stolen\” from Trump

I look at a number of web sites that I trust to be legitimate and not controlled by Snakes to find out what is happening in the world and a common theme I have been seeing more and more on these web sites goes something like this:

Trump won the election.  The Democrats and the Liberal Left manipulated the vote count to make Biden win the election instead of Trump.  Trump actually won the election but the vote count was manipulated to make Biden win.  Trump is a great Patriot to America and everyone on the side of right and truth should back him.

I want to comment on this after seeing it repeated in enough places.  First of all let me say it as bluntly as I can:

Those who are crying about the election being stolen from Trump are blind and cannot see the forest for the trees.  In the environment we are in with the Snakes pushing vaccinations on the entire world, this is the very last thing we should be worrying about. This is nothing but a distraction from what people should really be focused on, which is maintaining personal freedom and liberty and resisting being enslaved by control freaks.

As a former Trump supporter from the 2016 election, I state categorically that Trump has been a horrible President who has not kept a single campaign promise.  He has totally betrayed the base who elected him in 2016 and he does not deserve to be rewarded with four more years of the same train wreck.  He deserves to be put in the garbage can of history.  He should go to Israel and be President there because Israel is who he served more than anyone else.  Good riddance to bad rubbage. Great Patriot to America my ass.  Make America Great again?  How about, totally destroy America by doing nothing but making meaningless Tweets while the Snakes pushed their agenda on us all.  America locked up.  The economy in ruins.  HORRIBLE President who has stabbed America in the back instead of saving it.  Trump\’s true colors have been shown by him pushing the vaccine instead of being against it.  He is one of them, not one of us.  Only a blind Sheep would believe otherwise.

The political system in America has long been corrupt and manipulated.  Since JFK, all Presidents who get elected are the ones who serve the Establishment.  Nobody who is not a puppet gets even close to the Oval office.  On looking back at the 2016 election, I think we all got played.  They told us Hillary was a shoe in but nobody wanted Hillary.  After eight years of Obama nobody wanted more of the same and worse which is all that Hillary offered.  Although the perception is that the Establishment wanted Hillary to win, I think the Establishment wanted Trump to win.  Trump was never who he said he was.  He was a Trojan horse who appeared to be for the people but when he became President he served the Establishment.  He has served the Establishment while pretending not to.  He is a liar and deceiver.

In 2020, the Establishment is best served by Biden so he \”won\” the election.  Its a rigged game either way.  Trump and Biden are both puppets who willingly serve the Establishment.  Either way, the people lose and the Establishment wins.

For the love of God, Stop crying about the election being stolen from Trump.  Realize that the entire political system in America is owned and corrupt and serves the Establishment.  Whoever becomes President serves the Establishment.  Until and unless a Revolution of the people changes that, this is the way it is going to be in America from now on.  

If we want to make a change in the status quo, we have to go beyond crying about a rigged election and realize that the entire political system is corrupt and has been for many decades.  Its nothing new.  We have to realize the entire System as it exists is illegitimate and has no real authority over anyone except the authority we give it. It is time to stop supporting and being a part of the corrupt system.  This is a time of Rebellion.  The Snakes have declared war on humanity and now the Ball is in humanity\’s court.  It is time for humanity to act against the Snakes. 

Rise up and do something to change America or accept that slave collar around your neck like a Bitch. 

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