I Fear for Humanity

I fear that humanity is falling into a trap that it is never going to be able to escape from called Dystopia on a world wide level.  I am sounding the alarm to anyone who hears my words.  What is happening now is terrifying to me as it should be to every awoke person on the planet.  Unless humanity fights for its freedom then we are all going be dragged down together into a very bad scary world that our children will have to live in forever.  Please do not let this happen.  Its a matter of life or death for the human race that we fight and resist the evil group of people who are throwing a snare over the entire planet.  Can you hear me?

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  1. Lol, you are so negative, man ��. Here I am a White man living in Vietnam, people are so happy and positive. You are the opposite of them. It is the result of consuming an \”overdose\” red pill. I guess that \”knowing nothing\” or \”being ignorant\” is far better than living in a hellish fantasy dystopia reality. I am become a bit negative after reading your \”entertaining\” blog but now I want to erase all my memory related to \”red-pill\” so that I can become fully happy and positive again.


  2. Fear, what fear? Let come back to happy reality, let remember the happiest time in your life. Which is the happiest period in your life? I guess that it is the time you are still a \”blue pill\” dude, right? I guess that \”blue pill\” people are far happier than a \”red pill\” people like you. Don't try to destroy the happiness of yourself and others.


  3. I guess you did not watch the Matrix or if you did you did not understand its meaning. The Blue pill is the easy route where everything seems good because you do not know what is really happening outside your own perceived world. Ignorance is Bliss. Knowledge of a bad reality is not Bliss. I am negative because I see what you don't. If you saw what I see then you would be negative too. In Vietnam you may be in a far better place than I am who live in America because America is going to get it before Vietnam. If you think I have not been where you are at, then you are mistaken. You like the blue pill because you do not want to acknowledge any of what I say as real. Been there. Done that. Many many times I ran away from the red pill because it was too scary for me to handle. I did not want to see it. It took me years of approaching it gradually to get to where I am now. All I can tell you friend is that what I say is real and if you care about humanity instead of just your own happiness then you will have to come to grips with the truth. What is the truth? The truth is that evil corrupt people control the world and they are trying to enslave the entire world. Its happening right in front of your eyes if you would wake up and see it.


  4. My response to your last comment addresses this comment but let me add something to perhaps broaden your awareness. Perhaps in Vietnam you are much more isolated from what is going on in the Western nations so you do not see it. Perhaps you do not watch any news sources to see it. You live in your own world and nothing of what I say appears to be reality for you. If I just cared about my own self and my own happiness I would not even care about any of this. I would not care about the truth. I would only care about living my own little selfish life as happily as I could. I lived that way for MANY years so I know that mind set. But something inside me wanted to know the truth and I went looking for the truth. It took years and years but I found the truth. Its not a good truth. Knowing about it does not bring happiness. So why even care about the truth? Just ignore it and be happy is what you are saying. Perhaps we will have a deeper discussion about that one day but for now all I can tell you is that I care about the truth because I care about humanity over my own little life and my own little happiness. Maybe I will write a post about this to explain it in better detail because I think its important for you to know why I choose truth over happiness.


  5. I believe in normal and positive future. It is law of attraction. If you think your future is normal and happy, then it is normal and happy.


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