The Fate of the Faint of Heart

Some people clearly see the situation we are in and they write about it.  Here is another voice speaking the truth about the reality we all face.  Who will listen to him?

The Fate of the Faint of Heart

Here are some excerpts from this article that I think are of particular importance along with my own commentary:

They want to put your bankbook inside your arm so you can never cheat the bankers again As with the last Big Lie that was pushed onto the people by the Snakes (9-11),  Convid 19 serves multiple agendas for the Snakes.  One of those agendas is a cashless society.  They do not need to put your bankbook inside your arm (or wherever else on your body) in order to do that.  All that they need is to put some unique identifier into the body of each person and provide a way for that identifier to be scanned from outside the body.  Your bankbook will not be inside your body.  Your bankbook will be digital and will be stored in a central location controlled by the Snakes that is tied to the unique ID of each person.  They have many motivations for wanting to do this.  One of those is so that you can never cheat the bankers again because you will have no control whatsoever over your banking or financial information.  They will have all the control and you will be an economic slave of them because of this.  It will undoubtedly take a long time to fully achieve this but what we are seeing now is the beginning of it.  Once their goal is achieved and everyone gets injected with an identifier it means total economic slavery for everyone.  Make no mistake about it, this is the Mark of the Beast and unless people rise up to prevent it, the day will come when you cannot buy groceries or anything else you need to live unless you have the identifier inside your body.  

Democracy inevitably fails because it can be bought.  This is the great weakness of every Democracy and most people are totally blind to it because they have been conditioned to be blind to it.  Democracy, which means that the people rule themselves, is a great concept and in a non corrupt world it would undoubtedly be the government of choice for all nations.  It is natural for the people to rule themselves but Democracy has a great weakness which is that evil, corrupt people who do not care at all about what the people want (i.e. Snakes) can infiltrate a Democracy from the outside to control it.  In many posts on my Blog I have talked about this and demonstrated how it has happened.  The end result is that a Democracy that is supposed to represent the people becomes a facade of a Democracy that actually represents the Snakes while only pretending to represent the people.  America reached this point a long time ago and in 2020 it should obvious to all but the most blue pilled person that America is a land ruled by Snakes.  In a land ruled by Snakes, the people are slaves to the Snakes.  We are there.  

This is the America that has been created by Jewish control. Just as Jews did to Germany following the Jew engineered defeat of Germany after World War one, Jews are dragging a once great and powerful nation called the United States of America down into a Jewish toilet and they do not give a damn about the American people outside of exploiting them for Jewish interests.  Jews are transforming America into a slave state that serves Jews.  Jews want to transform the entire world into a slave planet that serves Jews.  Some people call this the New World Order. It is all about Jewish control of non Jews. 

We’re going to have to fight our way out of the blindness they seek to impose on us.  We are going to have to do much more than this.  For the people to be aware of what is really happening is only the beginning of what needs to be done.  We (freedom loving humanity) are going to have to go to war against the Snakes to defeat them.  This is imperative.  Anyone who sees the Snake clearly realizes it is is all about Fascism and slavery for everyone else and that it will NEVER stop as long as it exists and is in control of everything as it is now.  The Snakes have declared War on humanity by their actions and humanity must respond by going to War against the Snakes.  Unless Humanity goes to War against the Snakes then all of humanity is going to be enslaved in a world dictatorship.  What is needed now more than anything else is for good people who recognize what we are facing to organize a real resistance against it.  Humanity depends upon this.  We need to organize a resistance against the Snakes in every country.  This is urgently needed in the United States of America. 

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