A comment about Convid 19:

So I received a comment recently on one of my posts about Convid 19 and I feel the need to address this in a separate post.  Here is the comment.

Why do highly educated and highly intelligent people who study a lot (Asians for example) tend to believe Covid-19 is a serious threats while the ones who don\’t believe Covid-19 are often uneducated people, poor people who is not so capable in life? Isn\’t it should be the other way around? In the US, I saw people who tend to believe bullshit conspiracy theories about \”covid hoax\”, \”depopulation vaccine\” are often Black people who are uneducated or low IQ. While Asians (highest IQ) take Covid so seriously and wear mask often. By your view, the world is so strange I cannot understand.

I pray that the God of Truth will give me the right words to to answer these questions in a way that this person and all who think like him can understand what I believe to be the truth.  All I want is for the truth to be known by all. That is my entire purpose for creating this Blog.

Almost every post on this Blog has a common theme and it is this:  Lies and deception are very common in the world.  The world is corrupt and dishonest and has been for a long time.  Those who are running the world are corrupt and dishonest.  Lies and Deception are being used by those who are running the world to manipulate and control everyone else. 

An understanding of how deception is used by the few to manipulate and control the many is a prerequisite for understanding the world.  Those who do not believe there is deception (or even worse do not believe that deception as I describe it is even possible) are unable to see anything that I am trying to say on this Blog.  Understanding Deception is the key to understanding everything elseUnless you understand Deception and how it is used on the public then you will not understand anything on this Blog.  Everything I have said will appear as ridiculous and impossible and delusional unless you understand how deception has long been used to control the public.  I have made many posts on this Blog talking about the methods of Deception and giving specific cases of deception but my message has not gotten through to the audience I am most trying to reach. 

More to Come

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