The Keys to Deception

In this post I want to talk about basics of Deception as a way to spread information about it.

Key: Deception works on the individual, not on the group 

As a way to illustrate this, I want to discuss 9-11.  In my post about 9-11, I say that 9-11 was not a real event but stagecraft to deceive the public.  I have had people read that post and say it makes no sense at all.  Indeed, it appears to make no sense from the point of view of the blue pilled person.  But in this post I am going to tell you how it makes sense and at the same time expose one of the keys of deception.

The way that most people (including myself for a long time) discredit the concept that 9-11 was a Psyop or an inside job or anything other than a terrorist attack on America is this:  There is no way that the entire world could be deceived into believing something happened when it did not happen. This statement is true and it exposes two things:

1) They did not have to deceive the entire world about 9-11 being a terrorist attack.  All they had to do was to deceive me.  Or to deceive you.  Or to deceive anyone else who is the target of the deception.  Deception works on the individual.

2) You are the center of your world.  You project your beliefs about the world onto everyone else and imagine you know what everyone else thinks but that is an illusion in your own mind.  You know what you think and believe.  You may know what your family members and your friends and associates think and believe if they tell you but beyond that small group, you do not know what the rest of the world thinks and believes.  If you think you do, you are projecting your own beliefs onto the rest of the world and that projection is not valid.

Key: Corruption

Corruption is a prerequisite of deception. An honest society does not deceive the people but a corrupt one does. 

Key: Collusion.

Collusion is a prerequisite of deception. This goes hand in hand with corruption.  In order to deceive, there must first be corruption and then there must be collusion to deceive. Corruption leads to collusion leads to deception.

Key: Mind Control using Trust

Trust is a key component of deception. The most basic mind control is that of conditioning the people to believe that society is honest and not corrupt.  Using the trust of the individual to deceive them into believing they could not be lied to is the foundation of all other deception.  Those who trust and do not even suspect they are being lied to are the perfect pawns for any deception.   

Key:  Seeds of disinformation and the mind fills in the Blanks.

What is often seen in Main Stream Media disinformation is that seeds of disinformation are spread to the public and inside the mind of each person, these seeds grow into a belief of the individual. 

For example, on television you may have seen pictures of people running down a street in New York City on 9-11-2001 who appear to be terrified and running for their lives.  In reality you do not know why they are running down the street.  You do not know they are really terrified.  But your mind fills in the blanks from the other information it has been shown and says these people are terrified and they are running for their lives.  The possibility that the people you are seeing could be crisis actors who are there only to give realism to a deception never even enters into your mind.   You make the deception real inside your own mind from the words you hear and the images you see.

Key: Repetition of the message from multiple sources.

One of the most important keys to deception is to repeat the same message as many times as possible from as many different sources as possible. 

Key: Discrediting, ridiculing and smearing anyone attempting to expose the Deception.

Smearing people who expose deceptions and tell the truth is very common in the world.  Labeling someone as a Conspiracy Theorists is a very common way to discredit someone.  Whenever blue pills hear that said about someone their message is instantly put in the trash can.  Or that person is wearing a tin foil hat.  Or the person saying that is an idiot.  etc. etc. etc.  

Key: Disinformation agents posing as regular people on the internet. 

This is a big one that most people do not have a clue about, which is that there are MANY on the internet appearing as regular people posting in comments who are in reality disinformation agents whose purpose is two fold:

Purpose one:  Support the Deception by saying it is true.  What they are doing by this is to influence regular people into believing the deception is the truth.  Most regular people reading comments to see what other people say have no idea that a lot of the comments are from disinformation agents who are deceiving them.  Regular people are influenced by reading these comments from disinformation agents to believe in the deception.

Purpose two:  Smear and discredit anyone speaking against the deception. What they are doing by this is to discredit anyone speaking the truth in the eyes of regular people who do not know what the truth is.  When a pack of disinformation agents working together roundly condemn someone speaking the truth in some forum then the regular person reading the posts believes the disinformation agents over the person speaking the truth. This is extremely common on the internet today.

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