Reality Programming Part Deux

In a previous post I discussed what I call Reality Programming.  In this post I want to build upon that.  It is very important for anyone who wants to know the truth about the world to understand Reality Programming.  For the red pilled, this is the most basic of knowledge to understand the world.

Here is another definition of Reality Programming to make it easier to understand:

Reality Programming is the art of making people believe a lie is the truth in order to manipulate and control them. 

As you may have already deduced, the Jew is the master of reality programming from way back.  If anyone wants to know why Jews and their minions own and/or control all of the world\’s Main Stream Media, it is for this reason.  The Main Stream Media tells the people what to believe is the truth and so whoever controls the main stream media controls what people believe is the truth.  Jews figured this out long ago and this is the reason they or their minions own all the main stream media.  Owning the media is the foundation of controlling the world. 

One rule of reality programming is that everyone in authority must be telling the same story so that the people hear the same story repeated over and over again and they believe it is the truth.  Anyone who is telling a different story from those in control of the world (Jews and their minions) want told, must be dealt with.  How are they dealt with?

One method is to criticize and condemn them in the Jewish main stream media.

Another method is to destroy their reputation so they are discredited in the eyes of the public.  For example, sexual harassment claims being made and filed against a person in court to defame them.

Another method is to murder the person who is speaking contrary to what Jewish Establishment wants the people to believe.  This is a very common method for eliminating dissent.  Sometimes the murder will be committed by some unknown assailant who, not surprisingly, is never caught by \”law enforcement\”.  Sometime the murder is disguised to look like an accident.  In a lot of cases the murder is disguised to look like a suicide. And the rank of Coroners have been bribed or paid off to cooperate with what the Establishment wants to say that a murder was a suicide or an accident.  

We live in a corrupt world where Reality Programming is the norm.  The Establishment created Lie has become the Truth and the actual truth is spit on and labeled as a lie.  In such a world, anything the Jewish Establishment can imagine in their evil minds becomes possible.  All it takes is a nation of dumb blind believing Sheep who are brainwashed to believe authority.  In case you don\’t know it, that is the perfect description of the United States of America today. 

More to Come

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