Rules for the Red Pilled

In this post I give some rules for the Red Pilled.  This is my own personal advice learned by experience for everyone to follow not to get rick rolled by the Establishment.

Rule number one: Disconnect from the Main stream media. Stop watching all televised news.  Stop reading newspapers. Stop reading non fiction books.  Stop listening to news and talk show hosts on the radio.  The Establishment owns and controls the main stream media (all of it) and will use it to lie to and deceive you.  Do not give it the opportunity.  Stop listening to its propaganda.  The only trustworthy source for getting information is a small part of the internet.  Most of the internet is owned and controlled by the Snakes but there is a part of the internet that is not controlled by them.  Honest people who care only about the truth control part of the internet.  Its up to you to determine who is honest and who is dishonest on the internet.  Anyone who is known by name on the internet as a truther is not to be trusted.  Trust the small unknown people to tell the truth.  Do not trust the so called \”Truth Gurus\” on the internet because they are all owned and corrupt.  Every single one of them. Surfing the internet is like walking through a mine field.  You never know which patch of ground is legitimate and which is disinformation.  When on the internet you have be extremely careful not to be deceived.  There are many snakes wearing sheep\’s clothing on the internet whose purpose is to deceive you into believing a lie or to deceive you so you disbelieve the truth. Most of the internet is like this.  You have to be very careful who you listen to on the internet. 

Rule number two:  Trust no one but yourself.  When it comes to the truth, you must be the ultimate decider of what is true or false.  Do not allow anyone outside of you to tell you what the truth is.  You can listen to other people tell you what they believe, but you must determine from the inside what is true or not.  Trust nobody in a position of authority because everyone in a position of authority is corrupt and owned. Period.  

Rule Number three:  Do not trust Donald J. Trump.  I hate to have to add this but there are way too many people out there saying that Donald Trump is one of the good guys and that he is against the Establishment and fighting the so called Deep State.  Donald Trump is a Snake.  He has always been a Snake.  He will always be a Snake.  He may know how to talk the talk to push your buttons to make you believe he is a Patriot to America or a Christian but he is a YUGE deceiver.  He is no American Patriot and he is no Christian.  He is a Jewish Snake whose true allegiance is to Israel and other Jewish Snakes.  He is the enemy wrapped in the American flag and holding up a Holy Bible in order to deceive the naive and gullible.  Its easy to be deceived by sweet sounding words but anyone watching Trump\’s actions knows who he really is and who he really serves.  Do not be deceived by him.  

Rule Number four:  Keep working on yourself to remove your own brainwashing.  This can be very difficult and time consuming to do but it is essential that you keep working on yourself so that you can see better what is true and what is propaganda that you have been brainwashed to believe is true.  We have all been brainwashed since birth by the Establishment to believe what benefits the Establishment but a lot of things we have believed are lies and propaganda.  You must never stop working to identify and eliminate your own brainwashing that keeps you from seeing deeper truths.

Rule Number five:  Spread the Truth to the Blind.  If you are one of the people fortunate enough to be red pilled then you have an automatic responsibility to try to wake up everyone who is not red pilled.  If for whatever reason God has shown you the truth then it is your God given duty to spread that truth to others.  Do not hide the candle under your bed but show it from the mountain top and do not be afraid to be condemned or ridiculed by others for doing so.  If you speak the truth, you will be condemned by both the Snakes and the Sheep who do not want to hear your message.  Speak the truth and ignore the ridicule.

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  1. When I stop watching all televised you, you advise me to watch it to connect with the external world so that we can know agendas or lies from the Jews.


  2. What I said is that I tried to stop watching all televised news and I felt disconnected from the world. I said its better to know then not to know but that was talking about me, not you. I am at an advanced state of the red pill so I can watch the MSM without being deceived by it but you should not watch it until you get to an advanced state. You are still at an early stage on the red pill road and for you it is good not to watch the MSM at all. Completely cut it off, and the reason I say that is because it is a deceiver and it will deceive you into believing lies. Only when you are at a point like I am where you are immune to being deceived should you watch the MSM just so you can help others understand what the MSM is doing in its proper context. But you should NOT watch any MSM at all. Get your information from trustworthy people only. Stay away from all MSM, including Fox News. I am sorry for the confusion I may have caused with what I said in that later post you mentioned.


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