Reality Programming

In this post I want to discuss a very important topic to be understood which is a key component of the Two Worlds Paradigm, and that is what I call Reality Programming.

Reality Programming is a type of mind control programming to cause a person to believe in a false version of Reality (i.e. a Lie) in order to control them or manipulate them.  

How is reality programming propagated to the person?  The main stream media is the primary method used to program an individual\’s reality but there are many others.  When you were a child, your parents programmed you to believe in the same reality they did.  Before you were able to even reason, you inherited your parents\’ reality as your own.  You also get your reality from your friends and associates.  You also get your reality from your Religion if you have one.  Whenever you listen to someone outside yourself and believe they are telling you the truth, you are being programmed whether you know it or not.  You are programmed by Hollywood movies to believe what reality is also, whether you know it or not.

In 2020, the main propagators of Reality Programming are televised news channels such as CNN or MSNBC or Fox News.  How do these news channels propagate a false reality to the individual watching them?  Words and images. They first use words to tell the individual what the \”truth\” is and then they show images that appear to show, sometimes in graphic detail, the reality of the words.  They repeat the words and show the images over and over again until you get it.  This is the method used to propagate Reality programming to the individual.  How does it work?  By repeating the words and the images, beliefs about reality are programmed into the individual\’s mind on a subconscious level.  The more you watch the news, the stronger the programming will be upon you.  By watching the main stream media news, you are in effect voluntarily programming yourself to believe whatever you see on the televised news as reality.  

Not every individual is programmed with the same false reality.  For example, those who watch CNN live in a very different false reality from those who watch Fox News.  Both realities offered by these news networks are equally false but they are radically different.  Often those pulling the strings do this on purpose to try to divide the people into groups that are against each other.  People who watch Fox News ridicule and condemn people who watch CNN and visa versa.  

What is the Matrix?  The Matrix is a false reality that the individual has been programmed on a subconscious level to believe in as the truth. Once a person has been programmed this way, they are no longer living in objective reality but they are living in a false reality of their own programmed false beliefs. Once the subconscious mind has been programmed with a false belief it is literally impossible for the conscious mind to accept anything else as the truth.  This is the power of Reality Programming. Only by removing the subconsciously programmed false belief is it possible for an individual to see the actual truth beyond it. 

How does an individual remove false believes that have been programmed into their subconscious?  I cannot speak for anyone else, but it took a tremendous amount of time and effort for me to remove my reality programming on various subjects.  I have long been a person who wanted to know the truth about things and I believed I had the ability to determine the truth about anything if I tried hard enough to do it but 9-11 showed me that was not true. I talked about this in a previous post.  In that post I say that it took me a decade to understand 9-11 because I had been programmed with a false belief that prevented me from understanding it.  What was that false belief?  It was the belief that those in authority in the world, represented by the government and the main stream media are honest and that they would never collude to purposely lie to and deceive the people about anything.  Until I removed that false belief from my mind I was unable to see anything clearly about it.  Only after I removed that false belief did all the answers about 9-11 (that were there all along) fall into place and I could see.  For me, 9-11 was my red pill.  It was a very long and scary road for me to travel down.  Most people will not take the time and effort to do what I did.  Its only because I wanted to know the truth so badly about it that I did.  Unless someone goes through something similar then they will not escape the Matrix. They may see through some lies only to fall into the trap of other sweet sounding lies meant to seduce them.  For example, anyone who believes Trump is good and working for the American people against the Establishment is not red pilled. Anyone who believes that there are white hats fighting against the black hats are not red pilled. There are black hats and gray hats.  There are NO White hats. 

More to Come.

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