Vietnam Readership of my Blog

According to statistics that are being kept by Google, the highest readership of this Blog, even higher than that of the United States, is in Vietnam.  

I am perplexed by this.  How can this be so and why would this be so?  Why would people in Vietnam be reading this Blog is a mystery to me.  Most all of the information in this Blog applies to the U.S. and other western nations.  Not that I mind people from anywhere reading my Blog but I just do not understand why this would be.  I cannot tell from the statistics exactly what they are looking at, only that there is a high hit count from Vietnam.  If anyone from Vietnam is reading this post and wants to leave a comment, I would be interested in hearing from you.  Even if the comment is in Vietnamese I can translate it into English.  I just want to know what is interesting to people from Vietnam on my Blog.

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  1. I am a White man who used to live in the US but now I lived in Vietnam. I always stay open your blog on a tab on my computer and don't close it, I often refresh to read new post. I read your blog everyday, in my different phones as well (I have two phones). A lot of White Western men who are not so rich go to Southeast Asian countries to teach English, or to live and marry Southeast Asian girls. The salary is okay and the cost of living in these South East Asian countries is so cheap. That why you used to read comment such as \”ID2020 is bullshit. It will never happen. I have friends on Vietnam and Bill Gates vaccine did already erased some infectious diseases in Vietnam. Bill Gates is not bad\”. Remember these types of comment from anonymous? This is from me, a happy man live in Vietnam. I don't completely trust 90% content of your blog, however, I find it entertaining to read (I don't want to insult or offend you). ALL OF THE COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS THE ILLOGICAL OF YOUR POST FROM \”ANONYMOUS\” ARE MINE.


  2. I indeed believe a few of your posts and I have shown the contents of your blog to my friends in Vietnam (Western friends who lived in Vietnam and Vietnamese friends). They all disbelieve them and constantly laugh at me, view me and you as clowns and idiots, and the posts as bullshit and stupid. They think you are too negative and depressed in life to the point of becoming crazy, too delusional, and lost your mind. They view you as childish and a negative-minded people who lived in different dimensions. They call me and you \”rock heads\” (mean \”as stupid as a rock\”). They tell that your contents and your stories are full of plot holes and illogical points although you tried to analyze your points deeply they still view these deep-analyzed posts as suck and childish. My closest Vietnamese friend told me \”Believe me. Three years later, you will see all of these posts as false and ridiculous and will be ashamed of yourself for used to believe them and share these posts with other people. You will be ashamed because you are small-minded and childish\”


  3. What this Blog is is my version of the truth. Perhaps everyone has their own version of the truth. This is mine. I do not make any posts to impress other people or get other people to come to my side. I only speak the truth as I see it. It does not bother me to be called a fool by others who do not understand my words. I have done my best to elucidate my truth using words but nobody can be told these things. Unless they see them themselves then it is impossible for them to understand. My posts are seen as trolling by some because they cannot conceive that I could be serious about what I say in some cases. I do not know how I can ever reach people in this environment where everyone is brainwashed to believe lies and to distrust the truth when they see it.


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