Jackie killed JFK for Israel


There is no Treachery like Jewish Treachery:

JFK never saw the knife coming and he especially never expected it to be held in the hand of his own wife.

This is the most Evil thing that I have ever seen in my life.  

But what is equally Evil is that most people do not even know about it and refuse to see it even when it is put right in front of their eyes.  That is the power of Jewish brainwashing.  For many years I was one of the brainwashed who could not see the obvious until I broke my brainwashing.  Its extremely SAD to me that people disbelieve what their own eyes tell them in favor of what their brainwashed mind tells them.  Anyone who does not see that Jackie killed JFK is a Blind fool.

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  1. Why didn't Jackie (JFK'wifes), or CIA, or Israel assassinate he by poison drinks, or other weapons on tools in the white house or other private place but have to use his wife to assassinate him in public place? They can just assassinate him in private place by whatever weapon and then blame for whatever reasons. Even then can just shot him straightforwardly in the white or poison him, then blame for other reason such as \”He get a stroke\”. Assassinating him in the open public place with countless president's fans and cameras is so stupid. How can they know he would hold his throat in that times so that the President's wife could have a reason to lean toward him and shot him? It is a illogical in your explanation.


  2. The simple answer to your question is that they wanted a Patsy to immediately blame the assassination on before anyone even had a chance to ask any questions about who was behind the assassination. In other words, they provided the answer to who killed JFK for us. This is the reason the assassination happened in public and happened where it did. It was all planned in advance to happen just the way it did. In reality it was a Psyop to make the public believe the assassin was Oswald. To kill JFK and to leave everyone guessing who killed him was not sufficient. They had to provide the assassin for us and they had to make us all believe Oswald was the assassin. You call it stupid but its not stupid at all. As for holding his throat he was shot in the throat with a CIA created weapon to immobilize him and make him helpless to defend himself against anything Jackie did. There is nothing illogical about it.


  3. One more thing is that I have seen that exact same response multiple times when I posted this on Youtube. I think that this is a standard response that the JEWISH Establishment has created as a way to rebut Jackie killing JFK. Either this or the Driver did it is the standard rebuttal. I have seen the pattern many times so I recognize it.


  4. One more response to the first comment which asked the question, why didn't they just make him have a stroke or a heart attack or eliminate him in private in some way? Besides wanting to blame a patsy for the assassination, I believe there was also a Revenge factor involved. When you look at Jackie killing JFK, its very much like a Mafia hit. Just forget for a moment that it is the President's wife and look at that gif. What do you see? I see a brutal murder that is the most humiliating murder of all since it is done in public and in front of the American people. I think that was intentional. I think that someone hated JFK so much that they not only wanted to kill him but they wanted to kill him in public in the most brutal way possible by blowing his brains out. And then getting his own wife to do the evil deed was even more treacherous than anyone else they could have gotten to do it. JFK stood up to Israel and Israel killed him like a dog in the street.


  5. So if the CIA can shot him directly exactly right to his throat to immobilize him. Why don't they just shot right his head to end his life instantly instead of letting l his wife kill him, which is much more revealing ?


  6. I cannot say why they did it the way they did. All I can say from viewing the Zapruder film is that they used a two shot approach. One shot was a tranquilizer dart from an umbrella type weapon which immobilized JFK to make him helpless and the second shot was a fatal projectile through his brain delivered by Jackie. But your question is a good one. Yes, they could have killed him many different ways but they chose to kill him in public by the hand of his own wife. There is a reason they did it that way. There is also a reason that they got Jackie to go along with it. Maybe they showed Jackie evidence of JFK being unfaithful to him with other women and that convinced her to go along with it or maybe they used mind control on her to get her to do it. But another factor is that they wanted a guaranteed success of assassination. With the way they did it, there was zero chance of failure to kill JFK. In other words, there was no way that JFK could avoid being killed by it. It was guaranteed to be lethal. With other ways like an assassin from outside the vehicle firing into it there was a chance of failure. With the approach they took, there was zero chance of failure to kill JFK. I think that is the main reason. They wanted JFK dead with zero chance of him escaping alive.


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