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I don\’t recommend many Tweets but when I do it is from honest people telling the truth about the evil Establishment:

I feel the need to give my own answer to the question \”what happens next?\” although I will not be doing it on the Jewish cesspool called Twitter.  I will do it here on my Blog.

One thing that I have become aware of since I took the red pill is that the Establishment plans everything it does in advance. In my opinion, this world virus Psyop has been planned for at least a decade ever since their last major Psyop was so successful, 9-11. What I am saying is that the Establishment has carefully planned this Psyop in advance and they have predicted in advance every possible response that the people of the world will have to it and they have their responses prepared in advance to the people\’s responses.  I guarantee that (((they))) are carefully watching the internet every day to see what our response is and they are adjusting their Psyop accordingly so it will have the maximum effect that they desire to achieve.  One scenario they have certainly predicted and prepared for is that the people will see through the Psyop as a lie and stop believing in Convid 19 as a legitimate pandemic. They have a plan for our disbelief.  I do not want to be Black pill here or give these evil Psychopaths any ideas that they do not already have in mind, but I can already predict what their planned response is going to be.  If the people do not believe that the current virus is real then one thing they can do and are probably fully prepared to do is to release a more lethal strain of the virus (or a completely different virus) that will have a much higher fatality rate to get people to believe its real.  I am not saying they will do that but I can see them doing that.  Whatever they do, the Establishment has the whole game rigged so that they believe they cannot lose no matter what the people do in response.  They even have martial law prepared in case the people rise up in Revolution against them.  Is anyone reading this dumb enough to believe the Police really stood down during the Black Lives Matter Psyop?  Defund the Police? What a fucking joke.  America is a Police state waiting to be turned into a military martial law quarantined country if the American people ever get the Balls to stand up and resist the tyranny being forced upon them.  You better fucking believe it.

More to Come.

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