How the Establishment Discredits the Truth

In a previous post, I said there were three types of \”Truth\”, which are Establishment \”Truth\”, Actual Truth and Fake Truth.  I said that Fake Truth is purposely created by the Establishment to discredit the Actual Truth and to drive disbelievers back into the waiting arms of Establishment \”Truth\”.  But in addition to Fake Truth, there is a another method that the Establishment uses to discredit the Actual Truth and it is as follows:

Create a web site on the internet that speaks the actual truth in its title and then discredit that truth with obvious lies that anyone can see through.  In this way, any truth seeker who is trying to discover the Actual Truth on that web site is going to discover the obvious lies mixed in with the truth and said truth seeker is going to become convinced that the entire subject is nothing but Bullshit and is going to be turned away from the actual Truth and driven back into the waiting arms of Establishment \”Truth\”.  Although these may appear to be Fake Truth sites to the uninitiated, in reality they are are Trojan horse web sites that tell the truth only so they can discredit it.  It is important to understand the difference between these two types of web sites.

Put into other words, many web sites which appear to be truth telling web sites by honest people are in reality Trojan horses that have been purposely created to turn truth seekers away from the truth. The lies mixed in with the truth can sometimes be subtle but mostly they are very obvious.  They are intended to be obvious so that people will catch them and be turned off from the entire subject.  This is a very Machiavellian way to discredit the truth by intermixing lies and disinformation within it.  It has taken me years to discover this but most web sites on the internet that purport to tell the truth and that do tell the truth as the main title of the web site are actually not legitimate web sites at all but are traps to lure in truth seekers away from any legitimate web sites.  Web sites that tell the actual truth get shut down by the Establishment but these fake web sites never get shut down because the serve the Establishment.

I could give many examples of this but the example I want to focus on is Jackie killed JFK.  As I have said, Jackie Kennedy was the assassin of her husband and on my Blog and tell the Actual Truth as closely as I have been able to discover it.  But there are other web sites on the internet that are also saying Jackie killed JFK but these web sites are all of the type that I mentioned above.  All of them mix in Lies and disinformation with the truth so that they discredit the central premise of the web site, which is that Jackie Killed JFK.  And the Establishment owned Search engines such as Google are geared to pull up these fake web sites and show them and to not show the legitimate web sites.  For example, if you do a search of \”Jackie killed JFK\” in any major search engine a list of sites will come up that say that Jackie killed JFK but every single one is a disinformation web site.  My Blog entry on the topic does not show up in the list at all but at least half a dozen other web sites do.  So anyone who is curious about the possibility that Jackie assassinated JFK is going to find these web sites and not my web site.  In reality, it is a disinformation trap for the truth seeker.  The same applies to other Truths such as 9-11 being a staged Psyop and the faked Apollo moon landings.  But in this post I just want to focus on Jackie Killed JFK. In the remainder of this post I am going to list some of these web site and point out the obvious disinformation embedded in the content that actually discredits the entire notion of Jackie killing JFK while pretending to tell it.  Documenting the specific disinformation that has been mixed in can be very revealing to show which information the Establishment is trying to obfuscate.

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