The World is Evil 

Although we are brainwashed from birth not to recognize it, the World is Evil.  Of course we all know there is evil in the world but the illusion is that the world (or more specifically those who run the world) is good and honest but has evil within it.  The reality is something different as anyone who has taken the red pill discovers.  The reality is that the world is evil and it is by design and the people who run the world are evil.  There are many good and honest people in the world but they are not running the world.  This is the message of the red pill and it is a very bitter pill to swallow.  Those who expect that discovery of the truth is going to be good and positive are shocked to discover that the opposite is true.  Those who control the world are evil and they have turned what should be a good world into an evil one.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news for those who do not know but that is the truth.  Once one becomes aware that the World is Evil, the only question is what can be done to change it?

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  1. I think you are a bit too negative, I am not sure but I think you maybe true. I think the only country belong to Justice and God in the world was Nazis Germany (I am not joking).America is the Satanist country as its purpose to be created. It defeated the Godly country Nazis Germany. All of the renowned people in all fields: actors, actress, singers, directors, Hollywood fouding fathers, American comic books (superheroes books) founding fathers, scientists, innovators, doctors, engineers, businessman, industrial magnate, capitalists, bankers….are all Freemanson (aka Honorary Jews).People in America and the world are all fooled when they think the motto \”In God We Trust\” refer to Christian God. No. The Jews and the Jewish Masonic Gentiles (Aka Honorary Jews, the gentiles who don't have Jewish genetic but they still practice Judaism and actual Jewish rituals) are the one who created the bank system of America – actually they bring it from their predecessor British Empire, which was also create by Jews (Freemanson is also believed that is was first founded in Great Britain). The Jews created, control and run the money system of America, we can see the motto \”In God We Trust\” along with the illuminati symbols in the money bills. This literally means the God whom (((they))) refer to are the Jewish/Illuminati/ Freemanson God aka LUCIFER. Famous quote from one of them, \”Yes, Lucifer is God\”.


  2. All main founding fathers, including George Washington, the most important founding father and the first President of the USA ( Black slave owners and Native American genocidal tyrants) are all Freemansons. Enough said about this country.


  3. Lying and Deceiving the people is evil and the people who run the world are guilty of that in spades. This is the reason I say the world is evil. A dishonest lying corrupt world is our world. It has never been more true than now. I am not a friend of Nazi Germany. I will allow you to speak your mind about that in your comment but that is not something I agree with.


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