Common attributes of Psyops

A lot of my Blog concerns Psyops so in this post I want to list some attributes common to all Psyops.

1. Deception.  All Psyops involve Deception to fool the target audience into believing some lie. Here are some examples of a few Psyops and the lie(s) associated with them.

9-11: Islamic terrorists attacked America.

Sandy Hook: The crazed son of an NRA affiliated mother killed 20 Elementary school children using big assault type weapons.

Apollo space program: American Astronauts landed on the moon six different times.

Convid 19: The entire world is infected by a global pandemic. 

2. Target Audience.  All Psyops have a specific target audience that the deception is directed toward. Here are some examples of Targets of various Psyops:

9-11: The American people.

Sandy Hook: The American people or more specifically the American people who own big guns like the assault type weapons that the fictional character Adam Lanza used to slaughter 20 Jewish living dead children. 

Apollo space program: The American people.

Convid 19: The people of the entire world (in every nation).

3. Agenda(s).  All Psyops have one or more agendas or goals that the Psyop is intended to accomplish. Sometimes the agenda(s) behind a Psyop is obvious. Sometimes it is well hidden.  Here is my interpretation of some of the major agenda(s) behind the four Psyops I have been discussing in this post:

9-11:  To cause Americans to hate Muslims and to support U.S. Government wars against Muslim Nations. To reshape the middle east and to secure America\’s energy resources into the future. To clamp down on the freedoms of the American people to control them.

Sandy Hook:  To remove big assault type weapons from the hands of civilians so that civilians will be unable to use them in a Revolution to overthrow the government and also will be unable to defend themselves from government imposed martial law and tyranny using said weapons.

Apollo space program: To unify the American people behind their government and to make them feel proud of America and its accomplishments and its government and its President during the time, Richard M. Nixon.

Convid 19: Global economic reset and an eventual cashless society where everyone is injected with an identifier that allows all their banking information to be controlled by someone else. To turn everyone in the world into slaves for the global Elite.  This is a major NWO agenda.

4. Main Stream media coverage.  Most all Psyops use the main stream media (mostly televised news) to accomplish the deception.  The MSM is the key mechanism that allows the Psyop to be performed.  Without the MSM, there could be no Psyop.  This is why people who no longer watch the MSM are largely immune from the effects of the Psyop. 

5. Negative Emotions.  Most Psyops play on human emotions to make the Psyop be successful and believable. Negative emotions such as fear, hatred, and prejudice are used to pull the target audience in and influence them to believe the Psyop. Examples:

9-11:  Hate and Fear Muslims and people from the middle East.  Seek Revenge on the middle east and support Wars against them.  

Sandy Hook: Hate and Fear people who own big guns and demand that the right to own big guns be taken away from everyone so children will be safe.

Convid 19:  Fear the Pandemic  Be afraid.  Be vewy vewy afraid.  Wear a mask everywhere. Stay indoors.  Stand in a line for the vaccine.  Do whatever the government says to stay safe. Submit to government authority to stay safe.

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