Jet Li\’s Fearless:

Today I was watching Jet Li\’s Fearless and seeing the state of China in that movie reminded me of the state of America in 2020. In that movie, China, a once great powerful Nation had been infiltrated and owned and divided by corrupt wealthy non Chinese who did not give a fuck about China or the Chinese people other than how to exploit them for profit.  In the face of this horrible state that his country had fallen into, Jet Li\’s character stood up to try to restore National pride to the Chinese people. A true Patriot to his Nation, he hated the exploitation of his country by foreigners and he stood up as one man to do something about it with great courage and integrity. Although just a movie, it reminded me so much of what I see happening to America and my reaction to it.

I have already stated that Convid 19 is a false pandemic and in reality is a backdoor attempt to reset the world the way the Elite want to make us all better slaves for our owners.  America is under a full frontal attack right now from within and from without.  Our government, our political leaders, our media are all pushing the Convid 19 agenda with one voice and the America people are crumbling under the onslaught. This cannot be tolerated. America is a great nation.  The American people are a great people.  This nation and this people cannot be subjugated like this without a fight. 

When they force you to wear a mask even in your own home, when they close your churches, when they close your business, when they foreclose on your home you can no longer afford, when they blackmail you into taking a \”vaccine\” that will change everything about your life and the lives of your offspring and so much more, when will the American people rise up and resist this?  Where is the Hero that will lead America out of this horrible quagmire?  It certainly was never Donald J. Trump.  America needs a hero to save it now more than perhaps any other time in our history.  America needs a Revolution By the People, of the People and For the People. America needs a John Conner who will help the American people rise up and defeat the Machine.  And Fuck the Jews and the Elite and their minions who own the government and the politicians and the media.  We do not need you traitors.  When the Revolution I hope for comes, we will drive you all out of America permanently. You are all parasites. 

More to Come.

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  1. Technically, about wearing mask, they don't force us to wear a mask. At least, America is not a totalitarian government like China. Even in totalitarian communist government like China now, they still don't force people to wear a mask now. It is all up to us. It is our choice.


  2. I don't weak a mask. To be correct, sometime I wear it, sometime I don't. Nobody give a thing, even a police. Nobody can force us. We live in a free country (at least it has much more freedom than some other countries)


  3. we say to ourselves and others that we live in a free country but that's self deception based upon what was once the reality. we're one of the most self deceiving groups on the planet. orwell would be proud. i wear a mask to the doctors office because i can see some justification therein. otherwise i shop or don't depending on how wacko they are. there is no law mandating the face diaper. only peer pressure and scared fools. its a fix and you support it with your fears.


  4. The mask is nothing more than a voluntary brand that the cattle willingly take so the owners can separate the good cattle from the bad. The mask means nothing. The Convid 19 virus means nothing. They are both just deceptive means to a desired end by the Elite. If you look at 9-11, the very same thing happened there. The fake terrorist attack meant nothing. What 9-11 was really about was ratcheting up the fear, taking away freedoms, adding a ton of additional regulations and restrictions on freedom to do anything and so on. Its purpose was to clamp down on the American people in such a way that the American people would be docile and not resist it. So it is with Convid 19. Its purpose is to clamp down on not just the American people but the people of the entire world in a way that the people will be docile and not resist it. If they claim that everything they are doing is for our benefit and make it appear Patriotic to comply with an insane global economic reset that benefits only the Elite and not the people, then the Elite win without a bullet of resistance being fired. I can only tell people what I see but most people are completely blind. Trying to tell them what I see is like trying to explain a color to a person who has been blind from birth. Brainwashed people will never see it. But for anyone reading this comment who is not brainwashed, they are doing something very bad with Convid 19 using lies and deception very much as they did with 9-11 except much worse. 9-11 was just a test to see how many people would willingly submit to a Lie and what they learned from that is that people are dupes as long as the government and the media both tell them the same lie. So now they are getting to the real agendas that they have long wanted to enact and the people are allowing them to get away with it. It makes me sick to see it but we are bowing down in submission to the Elite. What do the Elite want? More and more and more for them and less and less and less for us. Its a long term plan that will take decades to unfold but this is the beginning. How we react now will determine what happens to us all in the future. Unless we rise up, I fear that the Mark of the Beast will one day be upon us while we were all sleeping and unaware that it was even possible. I am here to say that it is VERY possible. This is the beginning of the end of our way of life UNLESS good people rise up to prevent it. Who will heed my warning?


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