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I have not made a new post on my Blog for some time but I want to make a brief one now about the Convid 19 hysteria being ramped into overdrive for the nth time.  As someone who has already seen the end game of all this, I am not surprised.  Although I want things to go back to normal I recognize that the Snakes who rule us do not want it EVER to go back to normal, which leaves us a clear choice.

1. Submission to the Snakes.  Fall to your knees.  Give up.  Take the vaccine they are going to attempt to force on everyone.  Sacrifice your privacy, your independence, your freedom and your bank account for security that is only a pipe dream.  Those who take this path (and there will be many) are zombie slaves already.

2. Stand up and fight for your rights.  Stand up and fight against the lies of the media and all the major governments.  Stand up and fight for human rights.  

There are only two ways this can go.  Submission or Revolution.  There is no middle ground.  Although some may want to stay out of it, the Snakes are not going to allow any of us to stay out of it as long as they are in control.  

I have long stated that what America needs to save it, perhaps the only thing that can save it, is a Revolution.  If what I predict comes true, they are going to force us to revolt.  When the choice becomes clear between slavery and Revolution, good people are going to revolt.  And those who depended on Donald Trump to wage the war against the deep state for them (he never did) are going to have the wage the war themselves.

What we need is a formal organized Resistance against the Convid 19 madness inside the U.S.  We have individuals who are resisting it but there is no organized resistance up to this point.  That is going to have to change.  Where are the leaders inside the USA who will lead this resistance?  Show them to me and I will follow them.  Show me even one and I will follow them.  I am tired of sitting on my hands watching this slow motion train wreck lead us all into Dystopia.  Rise up.  

If it has not become already clear, the Convid 19 great reset is not going away, ever.  What we are seeing with Convid 19 is a backdoor stealing of everyone\’s freedom, civil rights, economic liberties and everything else we hold dear.  We have a choice.  Submission or Revolution.  There is not going to be any middle ground.  The opposition we face is extremely well funded, well organized and completely ruthless in its determination to destroy the world as it has existed up to now and change it into a world that they want us all to live in as their slaves.  The rules that apply to us are not going to apply to the rulers.  We are pawns on their chess board.  

Its time that we recognize what we are really up against here and to form an organized resistance against this backdoor tyranny disguised as a pandemic.

I am sounding the alarm bells at this point.  Unless we organized and fight this then it is going to destroy everything we have ever been.  

United We Stand.  Divided We Fall.

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  1. Please don't talk about \”united\” here, we are not \”united\” anymore. Under previous President, maybe we still have unity. But now, unity was really gone. America is destroyed. Donald Trump is a EVIL puppet, he is the puppet of the devil force. He always tried to provoke the left and made them move further left, at the same time Trump attract the right solidly stay with him. He do not cool down the situation, tried to apologize or tried to unite people in both side What he do is provoke people in other side to hate him more, at the sametime make people in his side become addict to him, worship him like God by cheap talk. Today, two extreme groups with deep hatred for each other made the country become really divided. Trump has destroyed America successfully as the plan. No outside power can destroy America because America is too big, to vast, too large and too powerful. We lived in the age of total chaos under Trump. People are so divided. We lived in the age of false rumors, disinformation, fake news and people don't know which to believe. A country is destroyed when people lost their trust to their government and their media. They don't know which to put their trust on. They live on hate, angry and devision. People like you are become somewhat crazy now become you believe in false rumour and false conspiracy theories. Something you said in this blog maybe true, but other don't, especially \”injecting chip to force all people on Earth to cashless society\”. Do you really think the government will public say \”we fooled you all, the pandemics is a hoax we that we scam you. Its purpose is to inject chip to all of you, injecting chip to your body so that we will force all people on this planet to cashless society. Now, everyone, please burn countless paper of cash you have. We will burn all cash papers of all nations till tens of years later when we burned all of paper currency of 195 country on Earth. Now from poor countries like India or African countries or South American countries, every dirty street market, to normal shop will install a modern cashless recognized machines. We will need billions for all market and shop on earth, even in poorest countries. In conclusion, we fool you all, we fool 8 billion people on this planet. We will forced you to burn out all of your cash paper money\”. People will become extremely angry, their business is gone, they are forced to stay at home, they have to weak mask, just to be fooled badly to inject chip. They will pick up knife, axe, sledgehammer, guns and make petrol bomb or stronger bomb to kill anyone from the government. HONESTLY, what you believe is total fiction from dumb rumours, it is so illogical and so crazy, it will never happen. The only thing I agree with you is Donald Trump is a snake in sheep clothing, he want to destroy America but he fooled people by his fake patriotism. If there was no Trump, America will still united and normal life still move on. We will still lived good daily life without deep angry or hatred for other group of people. When my spiritual teacher see Trump on TV, he turned back and walked always, I ask him why, he simply said \”American will be doomed under this man\”. And it is now.


  2. I appreciate you being honest with me about your thoughts even if you disagree with some things I say. I can deal with an honest person but I can never deal with a Snake. You think I am delusional and believing in false conspiracy theory when it comes to Convid 19. You think that my predictions about Convid 19 being a backdoor attempt to steal everyone's freedom is lunacy and that what I think will never come true. I understand your point and I understand your thinking.Let me say that I do not want to be right about this. I would far prefer what I say to be lunatic tin foil hat Conspiracy theory than for the alternative to be true. But I have seen something that you clearly have not yet seen, which is that the Government and the media and all the major authorities of the U.S. and the world are bought and owned and controlled by greedy selfish people who do not have the best interests of humanity at heart in the decisions they make. They have their own greedy selfish interests guiding them in what they do. They see humanity as their cattle or virtual slaves. More and more people are waking up to see this but still the majority of people think like you because you have been so brainwashed that you cannot see it.I am not your enemy and neither do I think you are mine. I understand you and your thinking because there was a time when I thought like you before I took the red pill that you have never seen yet. There is no way that I can open your eyes in this post. If you have read my Blog, which apparently you have read some of it since you quote other posts, and you disagree with me about most of what I say, then there is nothing I can say. I have used my best words to try to show others what I see but if my words have failed then I do not know what more I can do. You think Trump is the problem but you are so wrong. Trump was just a political opportunist who seized on the extreme dissatisfaction of a lot of people (including me) with the status quo. Now the status quo under Trump has become far worse than anything I could have imagined in 2016. Trump did not save America. Trump divided America further apart than its ever been but he is going out of office and the problems will remain after Trump. Its far bigger than just Trump. I feel like I have totally failed to get my message across when I read your post because you do not see any of the big things I have worked so hard to convey. Again, I hope to wrong about Convid 19 but my eyes are wide open. I expect the worst from the Snakes because I have seen the way they think from countless examples. Dishonesty, deception and treachery are their hallmarks.


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