I hope the day will come soon when Trump fades from the political spotlight and I never have to talk about him again but until he is out of the White House the man is a dangerous wild card.  It has come to my attention that Trump has fired his Defense Secretary after his election loss.  Now I do not know what that is about but if I look into my crystal ball which I keep beside my bed, what it tells me is that is Trump is planning to do something with the U.S. military before he gets kicked out of the White House and the his Secretary of Defense refused to go along with it so Trump fired him.  Okay, so Trump has a plan to do something with the U.S. military while he is still POTUS which is not for very much longer.  By January 20 I think he will be forced out. So what can he possibly be thinking of doing with the U.S. military in such a short time frame?  Some ideas come to mind:

1) He could be planning to bomb the shit out of Iran whose government he clearly hates.  Israel would love him for this.  

2)  He could be planning to launch a major military attack on the Assad government in Syria.  Once more, Israel would love him for this.

3) He could be planning some kind of military martial law option to prevent from being removed from the White House.  This would be very bad.

He is clearly up to something.  Nobody fires someone major in their Administration at the very end of his term unless he is planning to use the Defense Department for something.  Hopefully nothing but knowing Trump, nothing would surprise me.  This man is a total wild card.  He is not thinking of the American people.  He is thinking of himself.  And that makes him a very dangerous person for the short time he has left.  


I was thinking about this more last night and it is becoming clearer to me that Trump and his backers (Jewish or otherwise) are planning to use the U.S. military for something before Trump is out of office.  I can see Israel being behind this.  Israel no doubt had Trump\’s next four years all planned out including missile attacks on Syria, bombings of Iran and whatever else they had planned for their obedient subservient puppet but now all of that is out of the window with Trump\’s clear loss.  (Yes, he lost no matter how many Fox News watchers deny it).  Now if they want to use their pawn they have a a very short window of opportunity to do so.  These sudden firings and replacements in the Pentagon are indicative that anyone of principle who would stand up and oppose what they plan to do is being quickly removed so there will be no opposition.  Trump is not going to go out with a whimper.  He is going to go out with a bang.  He is going to go out with his fat Jewish orange middle finger held up to everyone as he defiantly uses the U.S. military for whatever selfish goal he has in mind before he is pushed out permanently.  He is not doing this for the good of the Nation as some on a certain website have suggested.  He is doing this for bad reasons.  He is thinking only of himself and his Ego and his base and Israel.  He could do anything but whatever he does it will be wrong.  He could even cause a civil war to erupt.  I suspect the dog is about be wagged.

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