A word about the staging of the Ramsey home:

As I have said in multiple posts, the Ramsey home was not the real crime scene where JonBenet Ramsey met her death.  JonBenet Ramsey died in a completely different location in Boulder Colorado and then her dead body was brought back to her home and a false crime scene was staged at the Ramsey home to make it appear as if the murder had taken place there.  The purpose of this staging was to conceal both the real location and the true circumstances of JonBenet\’s death both from honest law enforcement (I say honest law enforcement because I contend that some law enforcement is definitely not honest) and the public.

It is my contention that a Satanic cult is responsible for the death of JonBenet and that the Ramsey family, the White family, the Fernie family, the Stine family, Rolland Hoverstock, Dr. Beuf and many others were members of this Satanic cult in Boulder Colorado in 1996. It is my contention that JonBenet Ramsey\’s death happened as she was being sexually abused by members of this cult and that her death was accidental and unintended. The location where the sexual abuse and the death of JonBenet occurred is still unknown to me at this time but what I can say with certainty is that the location was not the home of John and Patsy Ramsey but somewhere else in Boulder. 

In my research on Satanic cults, one thing that has become abundantly clear about them is that they take secrecy about what they do in private very seriously.  Since public exposure of their activities could be used to completely destroy them, Satanic cults have a vested interested in keeping the public completely ignorant that they even exist in reality. They are responsible for spreading the \”Satanic panic\” meme everywhere they can on the internet when anyone even mentions real Satanism as being a possibility to brainwash the public into the false notion that anyone talking about Satanism as real is delusional and spreading false conspiracy theory.  Once you realize the game the snakes are playing its easy to see them playing the same game on other topics.  For example, the Apollo moon landings.  Whenever anyone talks about the Apollo moon landings being faked and staged on earth, the \”flat earth\” meme automatically gets pushed by the shills to make the person making the claim of staged moon landings look like a delusional lunatic who denies basic reality.  Its shameless what they do but the purpose of it all is to maintain the lies and keep the public completely ignorant of the forbidden truth. But I digress from the purpose of this post.

Now I want to do a mental exercise as a way of shedding illumination on what really happened on December 25, 1996 in Boulder, Colorado.  Imagine if you will a Satanic cult in Boulder Colorado of which the Ramseys, the Whites, the Fernies, the Stines, Rolland Hoverstock and others are members of.  Midnight on December 25is a prime time for Satanists to do Satanic rituals and so on this Christmas night a Satanic ritual is being performed on a six year old girl, JonBenet Ramsey.  This ritual involves sex as many Satanic rituals do and JonBenet is being sexually abused during it perhaps by multiple people in the cult. Those people sexually abusing JonBenet during this midnight ritual could have been her father John Ramsey, Fleet White Sr., Fleet White Jr., Rolland Hoverstock and any other male members of the Satanic cult in attendance. It is likely that multiple men from the cult were sexually abusing JonBenet that night in this Satanic ritual.

During this ritual something goes wrong that leads to the unintentional death of JonBenet Ramsey.  We can only guess what that was.  Perhaps JonBenet\’s mind control programming that was intended to keep her docile and compliant during the abuse suddenly failed and she woke up and started screaming hysterically and struggling to get away, causing the person who was abusing her to strike her in the head with an instrument such as a hammer so hard that her skull cracked open.  Or perhaps JonBenet was being strangled during sexual abuse for sexual asphyxiation purposes to make her feel arousal during it and the person applying that accidentally strangled her to death.  Or perhaps some other reason caused her death.  But whatever the reason for her death, JonBenet has died during Satanic ritual abuse and she cannot be revived.  Imagine what the response of this very secretive Satanic cult is that does not want the public to even suspect that it exists. As part of this mental exercise, imagine you are in this cult and this unexpected situation comes up.  What does the Satanic cult do in response?  The most important thing is to protect the cult and the members of the cult who are all involved in highly illegal activity that can never be exposed to the public eye. 

A child has died during SRA and now her death must be explained so the Satanic cult and its activities are not exposed. It does not take a rocket scientist to imagine the response of the Satanists.  JonBenet\’s death cannot be known to have happened in the location it really happened in because that location exposes people in the cult.  Her death scene must be moved somewhere else.  Also a reason must be invented to explain her death that does not involve Satanic ritual abuse.  You already know where I am heading but let\’s fill in the missing pieces. 

What alternate location is the most logical for them to use as a false crime scene?  It is the location that is owned and controlled by Satanic cult members (John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey) so they can control the scene there and also since it is where the dead child lived, it is the most logical place for her death to be staged. So they want to stage the Ramsey home as a false crime scene but they want to do it in complete secrecy.  How do they stage the Ramsey home in secrecy without any of the Ramsey neighbors becoming aware of it and reporting what they saw to law enforcement?  This is the major problem facing the Satanists.  Whatever they do at the Ramsey home has to be done in complete secrecy so that nobody suspects it is being done. Where there is a will there is a way and the Satanists are very determined to pull it off to cover their tracks.

There is a light that was normally always left on at night on the Ramsey garage but on this night the bulb is unscrewed so that none of the neighbors can see cult members coming to and from the Ramsey home in the light that this bulb made visible.  If you recall this is part of the evidence that LE later found.

Also they cannot turn on any lights inside the house that neighbors can see and later report to LE.  The cover story they have already devised is that everyone in the house is asleep and so they must use flashlights inside the dark Ramsey home as they stage false evidence in the false crime scene.  If you recall, people reported seeing what looked like flashlights inside the house that night, which is consistent with various people using flashlights to stage evidence.  If you cannot imagine someone going to this much trouble to stage a false crime scene then you are not thinking like a Satanist who will go to any length to maintain secrecy.

Also recall the flashlight found in plain sight on the kitchen counter.  I have always believed that this flashlight was false evidence of an intruder using it inside the Ramsey home but I also believe that it was initially used by one or more cult members inside the home during the false crime scene staging.  The fact that it was left out on the kitchen counter to be seen is not an oversight (because Satanists are far too careful and meticulous to make a mistake like that) but was intended to be used as part of the deception, so the flashlight served a dual purpose for the Satanists that both involved staging.  The same can be said for the unscrewed light bulb on the garage.  Satanists left it unscrewed so it could be used to point to a possible intruder unscrewing it to conceal his entry into the home.  So it too served a dual purpose. And you can bet that whoever unscrewed it used gloves so they did not leave any fingerprints on the bulb. I can see John Ramsey doing that.

They also had to conceal the vehicles they came in.  Multiple vehicles came to the Ramsey house in the early morning hours and they had to be kept concealed so that no Ramsey neighbor heard or saw anything that could later be reported to LE.  I believe they parked their vehicles away from the house so the sounds of the engines could not be heard and they walked in under the cover of trees on the Ramsey property.  I can see them even wearing black clothing so they would blend in and be virtually invisible in the night.  I contend that John Ramsey carried his dead daughter from their vehicle to the house under cover of darkness this way. 

More to Come

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