The Illusion that the World is Honest

This is the most basic red pill of all:

In this post I want to talk about the illusion that most people are under that the world is honest.  This illusion is created by brainwashing from birth.  Every human being is raised to believe that the world is honest and that the world would never purposely lie to the people about anything.  It is this illusion that serves the evil snakes who run the world so well and allows them to easily deceive everyone who is under the illusion.  In every case of deception, a person who is under this illusion will be unable to see the truth. Instead they will believe the lies told to them by the government and the media as fact and it will never even enter into their brainwashed minds to question the reality of what they have been told.  It is very sad to see that the vast majority of American citizens are under this illusion as I once was before I took the tremendous amount of time and effort necessary to break my brainwashing.  Now I can see the truth but my attempts to tell it to others are impeded by the brainwashing of others.  Here is the truth beyond the brainwashed induced illusion that most people will never see because they are too lazy and apathetic to ever find it:  The world is not honest.  The people who run and control the world are not honest.  The Governments and the media is not honest.  They are openly lying to the people about virtually everything and stating boldface lies as fact.  Here are is a short list of the big lies they are telling as fact:

The Apollo moon missions that landed men on the moon. – Boldface Lie.

9-11 was a terrorist attack against America – Boldface Lie

Sandy Hook School shooting was real – Boldface Lie

Oswald killed JFK – Boldface Lie

Convid 19 is a real virus – Boldface Lie

Those who are awake know all these things and they know not to trust anything coming from the government or the MSM as truthful.  Those who are asleep believe all the lies they have been told and trust that the government and the media would not shamefully lie to them and use them.  

Those who are under the illusion will never see the truth about these things nor can they because their brainwashing will not allow them to.  Only the person who has broken his brainwashing will be able to see the truth and it is a very obvious truth once seen.

All I can do as an awake person is to try to spread the truth to those who are still asleep and under the false illusion that the world is honest.  Even though most people do not listen to my message and I am greatly ridiculed by some for saying it, I will never stop spreading the truth. It is my moral responsibility to spread the truth to others. I am a friend of all the brainwashed people who are being lied to but I am the arch enemy of the corrupt lying snakes who run the world.  I want death for the corrupt lying snakes who run the world.  Not imprisonment but death, because death is what they deserve for the crimes they have committed against humanity.

6 thoughts on “The Illusion that the World is Honest

  1. its a curious thing to watch the face and hear the words of the true believers when you attempt to show them truth that varies from what their tv tells them. its as if you are burning a bible


  2. Besides all the shills pushing the lies on the internet, most of the true believers are in total denial that what I say is even in the realm of possibility. I have been accused of trolling many times. I have been called every name in the book also. Most people just pass me by and ignore me the way people would pass by a deranged lunatic on the street claiming the world is coming to an end. Most people cannot handle the truth so they simply deny it. That makes it very easy for the snakes who run America to keep the con game going. As long as most people fall for the game hook line and sinker then they do not really care if some of us see them as the lying frauds that they really are.


  3. “Most people cannot handle the truth so they simply deny it.”Sadly this is true. I thought with the obviousness of the “pandemic” nonsense that even the village idiot could see the fraud. The village idiot probably can see it but the “educated” and semi- educated seem programmed to relinquish the 18+months of their own direct experience and substitute the “experts” on the telly.


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