A look at Tal Jones:

There is another character in the JonBenet Ramsey murder mystery that I have not covered up to this point and that is Tal Jones.  I have not discussed him because I have not seen him as being really relevant to the murder but after seeing his name come up enough times in the research of other people, I guess it is time for me to do a post about him as part of doing due diligence to explore every possible avenue of research that might shed better light on the truth.  So in this post I will be doing my little expose on Tal Jones and how he fits in to the big picture.

Just who is Tal Jones and where does he fit in everything I have discussed about the JonBenet Ramsey case on my Blog? Talfryn Jones is the eldest son of Albert Sprague. Albert Sprague was the second husband of Alyce Christoff. So Tal Jones is Nancy Krebs\’ step uncle and is Gwen Krebs Boykin\’s stepsister.

Tal Jones has made posts on various forums and web sites on the internet.  Here are some of them:



Tal Jones is nicknamed Spade by a lot of researchers for whatever reason.

Tal Jones has been actively involved in spreading BDI posts on JBR forums. 

There is speculation that Tal Jones knows the Whites, perhaps intimately. He also knows Nancy Krebs. Nancy Krebs said that Tal Jones is one of the people who tried to get her to keep quiet about her story and not tell it to Boulder, CO officials. 


More to Come.

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