I really hate to talk about the so-called Corona virus but in this post I will.

I very rarely listen to the news on the radio or on television because who wants to listen to lies and propaganda?  But occasionally I do listen just to hear the Lie du jour and what I have heard during the brief times I tune in to American Pravda is that all the government officials are apparently getting Convid 19.  For example, Trump got it.  The Vice President and his staff got it.  The Governor of the State I live in got it.  Who knows how many other government officials got it.  But I am not surprised to hear this and neither am I fooled by it.  I have been studying the snakes that run American society long enough to be able to think like them and I already know their game plan.  Its as clear as it can be what they want to do.  In case you have not seen the forest for the trees, what they are doing is setting the stage for forced vaccinations of the entire American public at some point in the future.  All these public officials supposedly getting the Corona virus are part of setting the stage.  Of course all these corrupt owned politicians are getting the Corona virus.  Who would expect anything different?  They are all pawns for TPTB who are ravenous to create a cashless society that (((they))) control.  Corona virus/Convid 19 is Bullshit but it is a means to a very nefarious end that the jackals who run the world want to usher in.  These people plan things for a long time and they usher in changes gradually but its all moving toward the same goal.  Eventually they will want to vaccinate all American citizens for the good of all the people they will tell you but the real purpose of the vaccine is to uniquely identify every American so they can be scanned.  Just imagine that.  You go to a grocery store check out counter and before your groceries are scanned, you are scanned to check your bank account which is under (((their))) control, not yours.  You will be required to have this identifier before you can even buy anything.  You no longer need cash.  You no longer need credit cards.  YOU are the credit card now that they scan.  This is the end goal that the snakes who run the world are trying to achieve.  They have already started the process and they will never quit until they get what they want.  I guarantee you that forced vaccinations are coming.  They may very well enact a medical quarantine and military martial law of the entire nation during a coming time as they are forcing every American citizen to be vaccinated.. I am not trying to scare people by saying this or be black pill but I am just telling everyone what I see coming.  I am not a snake but I have the ability to think like them and I know that this is their plan.  They do not give two fucks about the health of the American people but they pretend to as they push their own agendas on a clueless brainwashed population who will not believe the truth even when they read it. You have been warned. 

When you see them setting up scanning stations to test who has had the vaccine and who has not had it, watch out, because this is a necessary precursor to what I am saying.  

Edit to add:  All the sheep willingly wearing masks everywhere (even outside) are going to line up like slaves to be vaccinated.  You can bet that.  But not everyone is going to be willingly vaccinated and they have a plan for that.  It starts with the scanning stations to test if people have been vaccinated.  Once they have that in place then they can use it to blackmail people to be vaccinated.  How?  They can put the scanning stations by the cash registers in the store and pass laws that nobody who has not had the vaccine can buy groceries.  And they can also put them in places of employment and pass laws that you cannot be employed unless you have been vaccinated. This will force a lot of people into compliance.  But there will be resistance and this is where martial law comes in.  Unless freedom loving people rise up to stop it, I see all this coming down the pike for America.  

My purpose in writing this is not to scare people but it is instead to warn people that we are ruled by lying Psychopaths who definitely do not have our best interests in mind.  Every American citizen is going to have to make a choice between compliance and slavery or resistance and independence. Every person is going to have to choose and your choice will effect everyone around you.  Choose wisely. 

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