Comparisons between Jews and Satanists

As I have said in previous posts, it is my contention that there is a hidden relationship or alliance between Jews and Satanists in the world. Both Jews and Satanists exist in the world and yet they never interfere with each other.  Jews do not interfere with Satanists and Satanists do not interfere with Jews.  So what exactly is their relationship?  In this post I will delve into that question as I compare Jews and Satanists.  First I will examine important similarities between Jews and Satanists and then I will examine differences in the two.

Similarities between Jews and Satanists

Lying and Deceiving.  Perhaps the biggest similarity I see between the two groups is a propensity to lie and deceive the public about a great many things across the board.  Many people are aware that many Jews lie ro and deceive the Goyim but Satanists also lie to a deceive the general public.  Dishonesty is a common trait of both groups.  

Ownership and Control of the Main Stream Media. Jews have long made it their business to own the main stream media using their wealth, the main stream media being television, radio, newspaper, magazines, book publishing, internet, etc.  As for the controlling the content of the media, Jews and Satanists both share control. Both groups have a mutual interest in using main stream media to push their agendas and to push censorship upon the public. Ownership of the main stream media makes it very easy for both groups to use it to lie to and deceive the public. 

Control of Government on all levels

Human Sacrifice. That real Satanists sacrifice humans is well documented. Satanists are known for sacrificing innocent babies and children.  What is less known because it has been very well hidden is that Jews sacrifice humans also in very secretive Jewish rituals performed by high level Rabbis.  It is called Jewish Ritual Murder (JRM). Relatively few people know about this but high level Jews perform human sacrifices mostly of Christians and innocent children and they use the human blood taken from the sacrificed human in their Jewish rituals.  Its a very nasty business that the Jews have taken every measure to hide from the public but you cannot hide the truth from everyone.  Jews twist the truth about this and call it blood libel, insinuating that everyone who makes this claim is purposely lying because they hate Jews but that is not the truth.  The truth is that Jews practice human sacrifice in secret because they believe that their \”God\” has commanded them to do so.  In future posts I hope to go down this rabbit hole to expose this truth in greater detail but its a very depressing subject to me. So much ugliness in the world. 

More to Come

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