Satanism as a Religion

Just as Christianity is a Religion to many people, Satanism is also a Religion to many people.  While Christianity preaches good, Satanism preaches evil.  In many ways, Satanism is the inverse of Christianity and Christians are certainly the enemy of Satanists.

Satanists take their Religion very seriously and they make sure that their children and grand children are indoctrinated in Satanist practices from birth. Satanism is very secretive.  It is practiced in secret to hide it from the general public who, if they knew about it would try to destroy it.  To protect themselves and their way of life, strict secrecy is maintained as much as possible.  Secrecy is maintained in many ways, mostly by death threats and threats to harm others.  If anyone in the Satanist fold tries to talk, that person will very likely end up dead.  Secrecy is taken very seriously by Satanists.

America used to be a Christian country but more and more it is becoming a Satanist country.  That becomes obvious to anyone who compares the America of the 1940\’s – 1960\’s to the sewer that America has become in 2020.  Its not even the same country.  The America of the past is dead and the new America is evil and is controlled by evil people.  There is no saving America, I am afraid.  The way I read the tea leaves, America is doomed to swirl father and father down the toilet bowl toward dystopia unless a miracle of God saves it.  And Trump is no savior of America.  He is a snake wearing sheep\’s clothing to fool the naive and believers in fairy tales.  The time for believing in fairy tales is over.  This is a time for everyone to wake up and recognize that the snakes are in charge of the hen house and Trump is one of them.  

More to Come.

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  1. it always irks me when people laugh off Satanism as \”its just a religion that doesn't even believe in God or the devil, its just a joke lol, I know way more than you do idiot, thinking satanists believe in satan!\”Sure, that conjob exists. But there most certainly is legitimate satanism that not only believes in their Lucifer as their God, but follows him to the T. It is not a mockery to these people, and these occultic elements at the top typically unfortunately splinter truth seekers who may find a lot of it a little too fucking ridiculous to believe. Feeding blood to the livestock in an attempt to make a perfect red heifer, thats small potatos for the sickness going on. Yes, Israel is a huge base, but lets not try and aim past where our sights should be set, let Israel be Israel, God will deal with em. Babylon is what we must change, because Babylon is dumb to fall for the tricks of those who openly admit their plan is for Babylon to FALL.


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