See my previous post, which I had several epiphanies from.  Now I want to give a different scenario which I think is closer to the truth than anything else I have considered about the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

The Christmas day party happens at the home of Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White as the official story says.  Where the official story deviates from the truth is the claim that the four Ramseys left the White residence at around 8:30 to 9;00 PM to go back to their house.  In reality, at around 8:30 to 9:00 PM the four Ramseys, Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White, Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White, Gwen Krebs and her granddaughter, the Stines, the Fernies, Don and Nedra Paugh and whoever else traveled from the White residence to St. John\’s Episcopal Church in Boulder which was being used partially as a front for Satanist activities.  The sex party did not happen at the White residence but it happened on the grounds of this church.  Where I contend it happened was inside a large windowless basement area of this church that was accessible only by going through an electric fence at ground level.  This explains the comment by Burke about being shocked by an electric fence that night.  Of course they would hold a Satanist sex party in a very secure location that no outsider could ever walk in on and this is the way they did it.  

So the sex party did not happen at the White residence but it happened inside a secure basement area of this church.  Fleet White Sr. was a high level Satanic priest from Southern California who attended this sex party.  There was a midnight Satanic ritual held at this party that involved Fleet White Sr as the Satanic priest who was sexually abusing JonBenet on an alter.  Her death happened as she was being sexually ritually abused.  Her death may have been accidental or it may have been purposeful.  

I am going to revise my main theory so it is consistent with this because it makes the most sense to me. 

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