Presbyterian Churches being used as fronts for Satanism

It has come to my attention that Presbyterian churches are sometimes used as fronts for Satanists.  This does not mean that all Presbyterian churches are Satanist fronts.  It also does not mean that other churches are not also sometimes used as Satanist fronts.  It simply means that I have discovered a trend of Presbyterian churches being used as fronts for Satanist activities.  In this post I am going to discuss specific examples of this. 

The first example is my contention that St. John\’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colorado was being used as a Satanist front in 1996 during the time that JonBenet Ramsey was murdered.  I contend that some members of this church were Satanists including John and Pasty Ramsey, Glen and Susan Stine, John and Barbara Ferni, Rolland Hoverstock and possibly many others. In public this church worshiped God.  In private this church worshiped Lucifer or Satan.  It was a front.  

In another example, a person known as \”W.\” was present for four Satanic baby sacrifices at a Presbyterian church in an undisclosed location.

In another example in Mansfield, Ohio, baby sitters sexually abused children in the basement of the First Presbyterian church while the adults attended Sunday Services.

More to Come

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