An alternate theory about the JonBenet Ramsey murder and a different location for it.

I read something recently that gave me an entirely different explanation for the death of JonBenet and also gave me a different location for the death.  Its from an old justice watch thread from the year 2000:

In that thread, one of the participants said this: I hate to lose credibility with the \”normal\” folks of the forum…but with the new MW info, and the old Moe information…and the tal jones connection with the story above to enlighten me with thoughts I\’d be happy to have never considered, the fact that their minister got there PDQ…I\’m leaning toward some sort of church cult that these people all belonged to…as well as other power brokers in Boulder, where jbr was on the altar and \”this was\’t supposed to happen\”.

From reading this, an entirely different scenario popped out at me and I have to say it here on my Blog while it is still fresh in my mind. If you look at my previous post, it says that St. John\’s Episcopal Church was being used as a Satanist front in Boulder and that other Presbyterian churches in other parts of the U.S. have been used as Satanist fronts.  One person I am contact with says that he witnessed babies being sacrificed inside a Presbyterian church when he was in a Satanic cult as a child. So here is the alternate theory that jumped out at me.

The Christmas day party and a later sex party is held at the home of Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White and then late that night a core group of people from that sex party travel to St. John\’s Episcopal Church where a Satanic ceremony is to be held at midnight on Christmas day.  Christmas night at midnight has special significance to Satanists in terms of their rituals and this is a prime time for them to perform Satanic sex rituals.  The four Ramseys, Fleet Jr. and Priscilla White and their children, Fleet Sr. and Nyla White, Gwen Krebs and her granddaughter and others (Don and Nedra Paugh?) all travel from the White residence to this church for a midnight Satanic ceremony or Satanic mass.  Other people come to the ceremony such as Glen and Susan Stine, John and Barbara Ferne and of course Rolland Hoverstock who is the Satanic high priest over this Boulder cult.  Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White, although they are not members of this Boulder cult are high level Satanists from Southern California who attend this Satanic ritual.

I can see JonBenet being ritually sexually abused on an alter in that church. But if it was held this way then it becomes much more likely that it was not an accidental death at all but a sacrifice. 

This is just a theory but my gut sense in processing all the information I have seen is that there is a real possibility that this is the truth.  I need to contemplate this more.  

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