The Identity of Nancy Krebs younger sister revealed

A friend of mine revealed to me the identity of Nancy Krebs younger sister and now I am going to reveal it to you.  Another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

Nancy Krebs younger sister is Shirley L. Reed:

As proof that this indeed Nancy Krebs sister, I will now correlate various items from that web page to testimony that Nancy Krebs gave to Boulder, Colorado authorities in February 2000.

1995 – 1998 Accountant, Centrally Managed Career Intern Program, DFAS, Denver, CO.  Note that in 1995, Shirley moved from Sacramento, CA where she had been living and working to Arvada, Colorado.  She lived in Arvada, CO and worked in Denver, CO.  The distance between Arvada and Denver is around 20 minutes driving time.

1998 – 2001 Disbursing Officer, USAFE/FM, Ramstein Air Base, Germany. As Nancy Krebs testified, her sister moved from Arvada CO to Germany in May of 1998 and was located there during the time Nancy gave her testimony.

Dossier of Shirley L. Krebs

Looking at this woman\’s extremely busy career and all the different locations she moved to, I question whether this woman was a Monarch controlled slave herself from childhood.  I suspect she was and part of her usage as a mind controlled slave was to use her in the U.S. Government and the U.S. military and also to get her to be complicit in allowing her daughter to be used as Monarch controlled sex slave.  I very much suspect this. 

More to come.

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