The sequence of events leading up to the Christmas Day 1996 Party and sex party

So in the previous post I have been digging in to Nancy Krebs younger sister, Shirley L. Krebs, and connecting dots from this new information.  From this, I believe I see better now than ever before some of the sequence of events that led up to the Christmas Day 1996 Party and sex party.

At some point before Christmas day, Fleet White Jr.\’s parents (Fleet Sr and Nyla) fly from Southern California to Denver International airport which is around 30 minutes driving time from Boulder.  The specific days they would have come are Saturday December 21 or Sunday December 22.  Fleet Jr. and Priscilla White would have picked them up from the airport and driven them back to their house in Boulder to spend the Christmas holiday with them.  

So Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White were staying at their son\’s house before Christmas day. Nyla White was involved in cooking food for the Christmas party. On December 23, she was cooking up a storm for all the guests they were expecting on Christmas day.

At some point before Christmas day, a secret arrangement is made between Fleet White Sr., Gwen Krebs and Shirley Krebs for Shirley Krebs\’ five year old daughter to be available for a late night sex party to be held on Christmas night.  As part of the arrangement, Gwen Krebs was to fly from Trona CA to Denver, CO and to be be picked up by Shirley at the Denver airport and brought back to her house in Arvada, CO so that Gwen would be available to bring her granddaughter to the parties on Christmas day.  

Although the Christmas party is being held at the home of Fleet Jr. and Priscilla White, it is really being hosted by his parents, Fleet Sr and Nyla White who are international socialites known for hosting big fabulous parties.  This Christmas party was hosted by them (Fleet White Sr and Nyla) but it was held at their son\’s house.  

On Christmas day, Gwen drives her five year old granddaughter from Shirley\’s house in Arvada to the White residence in Boulder so they can attend first the Christmas party and then stay for the later sex party.  Note that starting around 1966, Gwen Krebs made her daughter Nancy available for Fleet White Sr. to sexually abuse in Southern California.  Now thirty years later in 1996, Gwen Krebs made her granddaughter available for Fleet White Sr. to sexually abuse in Boulder, CO.

So by the time of the sex party, everyone is there who is going to attend.  All four Ramseys, Fleet Jr and Priscilla White and their kids, Fleet White Sr and Nyla White of course who are staying at their son\’s house, Gwen Krebs and her granddaughter.  At a minimum, these twelve people attend the sex party.  Who else attended the sex party besides these twelve is speculation but this was the core group of people involved in the sex party. I believe there were other people present who witnessed the death of JonBenet, possibly a lot of other people. 

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