The association between John Ramsey, Fleet White Jr. and Macky Boykin

According to Nancy Krebs\’ testimony, both John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr, had an early close association with Macky Boykin and she saw the three of them together as she was being abused on multiple occasions.

Macky Boykin was proficient in using sexual asphyxiation techniques on children to make them feel sexual arousal as adults were sexually abusing them.  So since the three of them had a close association, this means that both Fleet White Jr. and John Ramsey could have learned these sexual asphyxiation techniques from Macky during the time they were together. This would include how to create implements of strangulation such as garrotes. It would also include how to create ligatures.   

Now fast forward to the Christmas night sex party when sexual asphyxiation techniques were being used on JonBenet Ramsey as she was being abused by Fleet White Sr.  Macky Boykin died in November of 1996 so he was unavailable to perform this service but someone else was taking his place during this party.  The two people at the party who knew how to do it were Fleet White Jr. and John Ramsey.  Either of them could have been performing the service for Fleet White Sr who was accustomed to having it.

Now fast forward even further to the staged crime scene at the Ramsey home and the garrote created out of one Patsy\’s paint brush handles and the loose ligatures found on JonBenet\’s body. The two people who know how to do that were both present in the Ramsey home, John Ramsey and Fleet White Jr.  So one of these two did these things.  I suspect that John Ramsey made the garrote out of one of Patsy\’s paint brushes.  Either one of them could have created the loose ligatures on the body. 

Here is what I think happened concerning the death of JonBenet at the sex party.

One person was sexually abusing JonBenet and this was Fleet White Sr.

One person was applying sexual asphyxiation techniques on her during the abuse and this was Fleet White Jr.

One person was filming the abuse and this was John Ramsey.

So, even though Fleet White Sr or Fleet White Jr was responsible for her death, all three of these people were involved and complicit in the death and would be convicted if the true circumstances of the death were made public.  This is a huge motivation for John Ramsey to keep silent about the death of his daughter because if the truth were known, he would go to prison too. But I contend that John Ramsey was a long time Satanist who would never disclose anything that happened inside the cult, including the unintentional death of his daughter. 

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