U.S. Navy connections between John Ramsey and Macky Boykin

Nancy Krebs said that there was an early association between Macky Boykin and John Ramsey starting around 1966 and going forward.  In considering what their association might be, it came to my attention that the U.S. Navy is a common denominator between the two men.  Let me elucidate.

Macky Boykin\’s ties to the U.S. Navy is that he served in Korea at some point. Although I can find no details about it, it has been stated that he was officer in the U.S. Navy.  Also, toward the end of his life Macky Boykin was living on a small strip of land very close to the China Lake Naval Weapons Center in Southern California.  I and others suspect that Macky Boykin became a civilian working inside China Lake in some capacity.  

John Ramsey has early ties to the U.S. Navy.  In 1966-67 he was stationed in Port Hueneme in Southern California.  John Ramsey was an officer in military intelligence in the Navy with top secret security clearance.

So I see a U.S. Navy connection between the two men, however obscured it may be.  Although I do not see clearly that connection, I suspect it has to do with U.S. military intelligence and mind control programming.  

Additionally, I see John Ramsey\’s enlistment in the U.S. Navy in 1966 as being a front for his involvement in Satanism.  Satanists often use false fronts like churches to hide behind and I contend that they also use the U.S. military to hide behind.  For example, it would be the perfect cover for a Satanist in Michigan like John Ramsey to go to Southern California to be involved with Satanists there for John Ramsey to enlist in the U.S. Navy and transfer to Southern California.  On the surface its all legitimate but its just a front for Satanists to transfer from one location to another using this false front.  I say this because of the speed with which John Ramsey became involved with Fleet White Sr, Fleet White Jr. and Macky Boykin concerning the sexual abuse of Nancy Krebs.  John Ramsey joined the U.S. Navy in Michigan in 1966 and in that same year he was sexually abusing Nancy Krebs in Southern California.  In order for this to be possible, John Ramsey must have been involved in Satanism before and just using the U.S. Navy as a front.  It is very likely that many other Satanists have used the U.S. military as a front.  

More to come.

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