Child sexual abuse in Satanic families:

As I study the transcripts of Nancy Krebs\’ testimony, I am starting to see a pattern that I want to discuss on my Blog, which is sexual abuse of children within Satanic families.  First, I need to define what I mean by a Satanic family.  By my definition, a Satanic family is a family that practices Satanism. A Satanic family is often or always an inter generational family.  In other words, the children of Satanist families form their own families which are also Satanist families so Satanism gets passed down from one generation to the next.  By my definition, the following families are/were Satanic families:  the family of John and Patsy Ramsey, the family of Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White, the family of Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White, the family of Don and Nedra Paugh, the family of Gordon and Alyce Christoff, the family of Don and Gwen Krebs, the family of Glen and Susan Stine, the family of John and Barbara Fernie and many other families.

These Satanic families have male and female children.  What I have noticed as a trend is for some children of Satanist families, usually female, to be designated and used for sex from a very young age.  Use for sex means to be available for adults in the Satanic cult to sexually abuse whether those adults are members of their own family or members of other Satanic families.  Use for sex also means prostitution, child prostitution and later adult prostitution.  Use for sex also means creation of child pornography for other Satanists to enjoy.  Mind control programming is very often used to train a young child from a Satanist family to be used for sex.  These children are used as child sex slaves by the male members of the Satanic cult.

These children are controlled in various ways by Monarch mind control programming, through fear, through threats of death and threats of pain and torture and threats of loss of things they love, etc.  Any and all means is used to control the slave to get her to cooperate and to keep quiet about her abuse. 

Here are examples of specific children from Satanic families that I see fit into this category: Nancy Krebs, Nancy Krebs\’ younger sister, Nancy Krebs\’ niece, Gwen Krebs, Patsy Ramsey, JonBenet Ramsey, Daphne White.

Female members of Satanic families are trained and conditioned to allow the sexual abuse of their daughters, granddaughters, nieces, etc and to never disclose it.  

Although I know nothing about Priscilla White\’s past, is very likely that she was also sexually abused in this same way and so she willingly allowed her daughter Daphne to be sexually abused. 
Had JonBenet Ramey not been killed and been allowed to grow up and have children of her own, then those children would very likely be subjected to the very same sexual abuse as she went through.  So the sexual abuse gets passed down from one generation to another in these Satanic families.

It is the males of Satanic families who are the primary abusers of these female children. Either they sexually abuse the members of their own family (INCEST) or they sexually abuse the members of other Satanic families which are made available to them either free of charge or for money (CHILD PROSTITUTION).  It is the males of Satanic families who are also the primary consumers of child pornography created by the sexual abuse.  In other words, everything is kept within the Satanic cult and nothing goes outside of it to keep the whole thing secret.  This is the way they get away with highly illegal activity and maintain their secrecy.  By keeping everything within the cult, secrecy is maintained.

This is why you will never see child pornography or the snuff film of JonBenet Ramsey on the internet. Even though it exists, it is only made available to trusted members of the Satanic cult.  Nobody outside of the Satanic cult will be allowed to see it.  

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