A new thought about Tricia

I strongly suspect that Tricia, the Administrator of WebSleuths is a Satanist who is helping to cover up for the Satanists in the JonBenet Ramsey murder.  Her early accusation against Nancy Krebs of being a liar and a plant to falsely accuse the Whites is a big part of the reason why I see her that way.  No honest person could accuse Nancy Krebs of being plant but a Satanist who was helping to protect other Satanists that Nancy Krebs accused definitely would.  Another reason is the way that Tricia treated me when I started posting on WebSluths about the Whites involvement in the murder.  I posted links to my blog and she removed every one of them.  Then I started posting there and my posts were ridiculed by other members there.  I ignored the ridicule and continued posting and I was very quickly perma banned from the entire site.  Tricia is a Snake and a Satanist who is helping to protect other Satanists.  

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