The secret history of John Bennett Ramsey

As I have said in previous posts, John Ramsey has a secret history involving Southern California and the family of Fleet White Sr. and Fleet White Jr.  Although the official story makes the claim that there was no historical relationship between the two families at all and that Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White and John Patsy Ramsey met for the first time in Boulder in 1994, I very much beg to differ with that claim. The official story about John Ramsey is a lie. In this post I am going to start discussing the real history of John Ramsey and his early relationship with the White family.  I will add content to this section over time to fill in the blanks of this hidden early relationship, It is time to connect the dots on John Ramsey and his family. Please bear with me while I do this.  Consider this to be a dossier on John Bennett Ramsey that is as accurate as I can get it.  

December 7, 1943:  John Ramsey is born in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Note:  Since this happened in the middle WW2, I infer that John\’s father, James Dudley Ramsey, did not serve in the U.S. military during WW2.

1957: John Ramsey left Nebraska and moved with the rest of his family to Okemos, Michigan. At they time they move to Michigan, John Ramsey is  age 13 or 14.  This same year James Dudley Ramsey becomes the director of the Michigan Aeronautics commission. I note how fast James Ramsey became the Director of the Michigan Aeronautics commission.  In the very same year he moved to Michigan he became the Director.  What this means is that he was set up to be the Director before he even came to Michigan.  In fact, an arrangement may have been made under the table for him to move from Nebraska to Michigan with the understanding that he would be Director in Michigan.  

1961: John graduates from High School in Michigan.  He is 18 at this time.
1961 – 1966: John Ramsey attends Michigan State University majoring in electrical engineering.  During this time he meets Lucinda Lou Pasch (who is later to become his wife) while they are both undergraduates at Michigan State University. John Ramsey is age 19 – 24 during this time.
1966: John and Lucinda become married. Their marriage happens in Michigan either before or after John joined the U.S. Navy.
1966: John joins the U.S. Navy and was in the civil engineer corps and went through officer candidate school at Newport, Michigan.
1966: John transfers from Newport, Michigan to Port Huaeneme, CA, north of Los Angeles to the civil engineering corp school. He is stationed at a U.S. Navy based there.

~ 1966 – 1972: Nancy Krebs said she saw John Ramsey with Fleet White Jr. and Fleet White Sr. during this time and their association concerned her child sexual abuse. John Ramsey was sexually involved with Gwen Krebs. John Ramsey is age 23 – age 29.  What this means is that John Ramsey was part of the same Satanic cult in Southern California that Fleet White Sr. and Jr. were in.  
1966 – March 1968: John Ramsey was stationed in Port Hueneme, CA while he was in the U.S. Navy. Port Huaeneme is just north of Los Angeles and would certainly put John Ramsey easily within driving distance of Gwen and Nancy Krebs and Fleet White Jr. and Sr. in Southern California.  John Ramsey is 23 – 25.

Nancy Krebs said that John Ramsey was involved in the business aspect of her abuse.  He was handling that part.  This means he was involved in prostituting her for money to other men and he was also involved in taking child pornography of her and selling it and distributing a cut of the profits of that to various members of the Satanic cult.

March 1968 – November 1969: John Ramsey was assigned to the Navy Public works Center at Subic Bay Training center in the Phillipines.  John Ramsey is 25 – 26. What was John Ramsey doing in the Philippines?  Was he involved in some kind of special training there?  If so, what did the training involve?

November 1969 – 1972:  John Ramsey is in the Navy in Southern California where he returned after his tour in the Phillipines. John is 26 – 29.

1969:  John Ramsey\’s first child is born.  This is Elizabeth.

1972 – early 1974: John Ramsey is in Southern California sexually involved with Gwen Krebs.  John is 29 – 31,

1974: During most of 1974  John is out of state and not in California but he is calling Gwen Krebs every week who he is romantically involved with. John is ~31.  Where was John Ramsey living in 1974? How old was John Ramsey in 1974?   John Ramsey is unhappy with his marriage to Lucinda. John Ramsey did not have a lot of money at this time.  He was not financially successful.

late 1974  – 1975: John Ramsey travels back to Southern California and is sexually involved with Gwen Krebs, mother of Nancy Krebs. John is 31 – 32.

~1975: John is living in Atlanta, GA.

~1975 – 1978:  North Fox Island was a child prostitution and child pornography ring operated by corrupt wealthy individuals Frank Shelden, Gerald Richards, Dyer Gossman and others with a man named Adam Starchild handling the child pornography distribution aspects of the operation. Children were sexually abused on the island and it was filmed to produce child pornography.  This child pornography was then distributed to New Jersey using a religious front called the Church of the New Revelation.  Organized crime elements in New Jersey were involved in the further distribution of this child pornography to other locations such as New York City. It was very profitable for all involved. During this time, the Michigan Aeronautics commission that oversaw all the flights to and from North Fox Island was headed by John Ramsey\’s father, James Dudley Ramsey. In that position, James Dudley Ramsey had to be aware of what was going on and he allowed it to happen. The elements of North Fox Island were child sexual abuse/pedophilia, child prostitution, child pornography creation and distribution, Michigan State government corruption, huge amounts of profit, organized crime and, hidden beneath the surface of it all, Satanism. 

Note:  In 1976 – 1978 when North Fox Island was in full swing, John Ramsey was age 33 to 35.  
After North Fox Island was exposed, several of the wealthy corrupt individuals involved fled the United States and went to Amsterdam Holland.  James Dudley Ramsey quietly announced his retirement as Director of the Michigan Aeronautics commission and stepped down without anyone investigating his personal involvement in North Fox Island.  
1978:  John Ramsey divorces from his first wife (Lucinda) for reasons that have never been made public.  John is age 35.
Unknown time period:  John Ramsey served in the Navy in Atlanta GA. During what Dates did John Ramsey serve in the U.S. Navy in Atlanta GA?

November, 1980: John Ramsey marries Patsy Ramsey in Atlanta, GA. John is age 37.  He invites his good friend Fleet White Jr. to attend the wedding and here they are all together in the below picture taken at that wedding:

1980\’s – 1990\’s: After some of the wealthy, corrupt individuals fled to Amsterdam, Holland in 1979, they of course wanted to repeat what they had done earlier on North Fox Island, MI which had been a highly profitable operation.  So these people and their cronies formed a media company front called Access Graphics in Amsterdam that on the surface would be a media company but in reality it would be involved in distributing child pornography in between Amsterdam, Holland and other countries such as the U.K,, France and he U.S.  

1989 – 1990:  John and Patsy Ramsey move from Atlanta GA to Boulder, CO. John is age 46 or 47.

Early 1990\’s:  Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White move from Southern CA to Boulder, CO.  John is in early 50\’s.

John Ramsey\’s leadership of Access Graphics in Boulder, Colorado was not coincidental.  Unlike the official story which has John Ramsey starting Access Graphics in Boulder, Colorado, in reality Access Graphics was a company in Amsterdam, Holland that existed before John Ramsey\’s involvement in the company. John Ramsey and Don Paugh became involved in starting a U.S. branch of the Access Graphics in Amsterdam, Holland.  Access Graphics in Boulder was a front for child pornography distribution to and from Amsterdam.  John Ramsey\’s Access Graphics in Boulder, CO was simply the U.S. side of the child pornography distribution front company Access Graphics that already existed in Amsterdam, Holland.  In Michigan the people involved with North Fox Island had been doing business with John Ramsey\’s father, James Dudley Ramsey.  Now that James Dudley Ramsey was retired, they were doing business with his son, John Bennett Ramsey in a different state, Colorado.

The reason that Access Graphics in Boulder became so profitable is because it was dealing in child pornography distribution under the cover of being a media company. Access Graphics sales of One Billion dollars is proof of how profitable it was but it was a front for child pornography distribution and other things. Similar to North Fox Island, the elements of the Access Graphics operation were child sexual abuse/pedophilia, child prostitution, child pornography creation and distribution, Colorado State government corruption, huge amounts of profit, organized crime and, hidden beneath the surface of it all, Satanism. 

John Ramsey was profiting from his six year old daughter JonBenet Ramsey in two different ways.  He was profiting by pimping her out to wealthy Satanist pedophiles who wanted to use her.  He was also profiting by creating child pornography of his daughter\’s sexual abuse and selling it through Access Graphics.  Randy Simons, the photographer John Ramsey hired was helping him create this child pornography of John\’s daughter and getting a cut of the profits from it. John Ramsey was a pornographer and pimp of his six year old daughter and Patsy was complicit in this. 

December 1996: During the late night sex party at the White Residence, John Ramsey was filming his daughter\’s sexual abuse by various people at this party so it could be sold to others for profit in Boulder, CO and also distributed to others in other states and overseas through Access Graphics.  John Ramsey was filming his daughter\’s sexual abuse when she was killed either unintentionally or internationally.  John is around 53 at the time of the sex party.

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