A question about the wedding of John and Patsy Ramsey in 1980:

The official story has John and Patsy Ramsey being married in Atlanta, Georgia in 1980 and no mention is made of either John or Patsy being in California ever, but as I show in the picture below, Fleet White Jr. attended the 1980 wedding of John and Patsy Ramsey.

Nancy Krebs said she saw Patsy Ramsey at a Rainbow Girls convention in Sacramento, CA in the late 1970\’s.  Also, Nancy Krebs said that John Ramsey was sexually involved with her mother Gwen Krebs in Southern California earlier.  So, although the official story makes no mention of California at all, California is involved in all of their lives.  Although the official story claims that John met Patsy in Atlanta GA in 1979, I question this.  I suspect that John Ramsey actually met Patsy in California when both of them were there.  Additionally, I question where their wedding actually took place.  Even though we are told they were married in Atlanta, GA, I suspect they were actually married in California.  It is Fleet White Jr.\’s presence at their wedding that makes me suspect that.  Seeing all the other lies that have been told about the Ramseys and the Whites and their past, I say that the circumstances of their meeting and their wedding in Atlanta, GA may also be a lie.  These people are Satanists from Satanist families.  Nothing they say can be trusted and other people who vouch for them are also untrustworthy.  Do not trust anything that the Ramseys have said about their past.  Everything is suspect.  

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