The Satanist aspect of the JBR murder:

Reading the Nancy Krebs transcripts more carefully, what she is saying is that all of the people who sexually abused her as a child were part of a Satanic cult.  This cult involved Fleet White Sr., Fleet White Jr., her grandfather Gordon Christoff, John Ramsey at a young age, Macky Boykin, her parents (Don and Gwen Krebs), her grandparents (Alyce and Albert Sprague) and many others.  Everyone involved was in a Satanic cult.  They were all involved with each other and knew each other through their involvement in Satanism.  

There was also a business aspect to Nancy\’s sexual abuse.  In other words, all of these people were profiting monetarily from her abuse.  This involves both child prostitution and child pornography that was created from her abuse which was sold to others for profit.

Nancy Krebs said that John Ramsey was involved in the business aspect of her abuse. He was handling that part.  

All of this happened to Nancy Krebs when she was a child in California in the 1960\’s and 70\’s.  Now fast forward to the 1990\’s when John Ramsey lived in Boulder CO and had a very beautiful young daughter.  If John Ramsey was a hardcore Satanist as I believe he was then he certainly did not stop being a hardcore Satanist between the events that happened in Southern California in the 1960\’s and 70\’s and the events that happened in Boulder, CO in the 1990\’s.  He was still a member of a Satanic cult in Boulder, CO and Patsy was a member of this Satanic cult also.  Their children, JonBenet and Burke, were automatically members of this very secretive cult through their parents involvement.  

Some of the same people that John Ramsey was involved with in Southern California are people he was involved with in Boulder, CO., especially Fleet White Jr.  I contend that both Fleet White Jr and his wife and John and Patsy Ramsey moved together to Boulder, CO. in the early 1990\’s to be involved in a Satanic cult that was already there before they came.  

Concerning the business aspect that John Ramsey had long been involved in, he was still involved in this Business aspect.  Access Graphics in Boulder was a front for child pornography distribution and it was highly profitable for this reason.  John Ramsey\’s leadership in that company as President and CEO was not coincidental.  He was profiting from child pornography distribution to and from Amsterdam along with a lot of other people.  Note that Don Paugh (Patsy\’s father) was directly involved with Access Graphics in Boulder.  Note that Glen Stine was working for Access Graphic in Boulder.  A lot of other people involved in this in Boulder were working for or in association with Access Graphics.  It was very profitable for everyone involved.  

Additionally John Ramsey was profiting from his daughter in two different ways.  He was profiting by pimping her out to wealthy Satanist pedophiles who wanted to use her.  He was also profiting by creating child pornography of his daughter\’s sexual abuse and selling it.  Randy Simons, the photographer John Ramsey hired was helping him create this pornography and getting a cut of the profits from it. 

Regarding the late night sex party at the White Residence, I believe that John Ramsey was filming his daughter\’s sexual abuse by various people at this party so it could be sold to others for profit.  I believe that John Ramsey was filming his daughter\’s sexual abuse by Fleet White Sr. when she was killed unintentionally.  Although unintentional, that child pornography instantly became a snuff film and became in very high demand.  I have no doubt that copies of this snuff film have been distributed to various people for a huge amount of money by John Ramsey and they exist in private collections to this day. Do not expect to ever see this snuff film on the dark web because it will never be shown.  Its existence will always be a secret of the Satanists. 

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