More information about the Satanic cult:

In a previous post I said that Fleet White Sr and Fleet White Jr and Gordon and Alyce Christoff were all members of a Satanic cult in Long Beach CA that went back at least to the 1920\’s.  I have also said that John and Patsy Ramsey and Fleet and Priscilla White and the Stines and the Fernies and Rolland Hoverstock and others were members of a Satanic cult in Boulder Colorado in December 1996.  People reading this might conclude that these Satanic cults are separate entities with no connection but based upon a careful reading of Nancy Krebs\’ testimony, I do not think so.  I am no expert on Satanism by any means and I admit this but I am trying to learn what I can about it.  What I believe now is that there is one Satanic cult and it is world wide.  It is certainly International.  Inside the U.S., this one Satanic cult has many branches in many different cites and states and this all forms of a network.  These local Satanic cults in these various locations are not independent but they are all connected into a Satanic cult hierarchy.  If you look at Freemasonry which I have, its very much like Freemasonry.  In Freemasonry there is one organization of Freemasonry and many branches (or Freemason lodges) distributed all over the place in a network.  The very same thing happens in Satanism.  In fact I will go further and state that I believe that Freemasonry is Satanic at its core but that part of it is hidden from the public.  It does not mean that all Freemasons are Satanists but what it does mean is that high level Freemasons are very likely to be Satanists.  It also does not mean that every Satanist is a Freemason but there is an overlap between Freemasonry and Satanism.  But I digress in talking about Freemasonry here.  What I want to say is that this Satanic cult is one.  It is distributed in many different countries and states and cities but its all one organization under the same power structure.  A Satanist like Fleet White Jr. might move from Southern California to Boulder, CO and then meet up with other Satanists already there but he is still in the very same Satanic cult, just a different branch of it.  It may be helpful to think of Satanism like a virus.  It spreads its influence and its power to other locations and infiltrates other places and organizations over time.  It spreads in secret.  It does its operations in secret.  It sexually abuses children in secret but sometimes something goes wrong and its secret rituals are threatened with exposure.  This is what happened on Christmas night in 1996 when a child of a Satanist family who was being abused by another Satanist unintentionally was killed.  And that explains why her death was covered up better than any other explanation I could possibly give.  Anyone who wants to understand this death has to understand the Satanism aspects of it.  

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