Questions about Access Graphics:

The official story has either Don Paugh or John Ramsey or both of them starting Access Graphics in Colorado but if this is true then why is it said that Access Graphics had its European headquarters in Amsterdam, Holland?  A headquarters is the main or primary location of a business.  If Access Graphics started in Colorado then its headquarters should be in Colorado, not Amsterdam.  So I question if Don Paugh and or John Ramsey created Access Graphics in Colorado.  I suspect that Access Graphics pre-existed their involvement in it and that it was a European company based in Holland.  Later they started an American branch of it in Colorado but it was not John Ramsey\’s company.  Even though he became President and CEO of the American branch of it in Colorado, the European HQ had its own President and CEO completely independent of John Ramsey.  All this is what I suspect and if so it is part of a cover up to hide the truth from the public about Access Graphics and who really owned Access Graphics in Europe and what it was really involved in (pornography).  Note that certain wealthy individuals from Michigan (where John Ramsey\’s family has ties) fled to Amsterdam, Holland following the North Fox Island scandal.  Is it not possible or even likely that one or more of these individuals had ties to John Ramsey\’s father who was director of the Michigan Aeronautics commission during North Fox Island?  Is it possible that one or more of these wealthy individuals started Access Graphics in Amsterdam Holland where they fled to?  Is it possible that the reason that John Ramsey became involved in Access Graphics in the USA is because of the previous ties of John Ramsey\’s father (James Dudley Ramsey) to these very same people?  Something tells me this is the truth and if so it would be very revealing about John Ramsey and his involvement in Access Graphics and what Access Graphics was involved in in Colorado.  Remember the story that child pornography was found on Access Graphics computers?  That was in a tabloid newspaper which normally are not to be believed but in this case I very strongly suspect that was true.  Considering that North Fox Island was mostly about child pornography distribution, it would make sense that the same people behind that would also be involved in child pornography distribution in a company that they created in Amsterdam Holland.  And the U.S. side of this company would be involved in the very same thing.  So we can see some big dots being connected here. 

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