A Satanic Cult in Boulder, CO:

I do not think I have ever said this before on my Blog but I have certainly implied it in a lot of posts.  But let me say clearly now that I believe that a Satanic Cult existed (and probably still exists to this day) in Boulder, Colorado in December 1996.  The entire Ramsey family in Boulder was part of this cult.  The family of Fleet and Priscilla White in Boulder, CO was also part of this local Satanic cult. Other families such as the Stines and the Fernies were members of this same cult.  I believe that the Church that the Ramseys belonged to, St John\’s Episcopal Church, Boulder, CO, was being used as a front for members of this Satanic cult to meet and communicate in secret.  Rolland Hoverstock was another person who was a member of this same Satanic cult.  

There was a Christmas Party held at the White residence on Christmas day but after that party there was another part that had nothing to do with Christmas.  This second party was a sex party and members of this Satanic cult in Boulder Colorado were present and anyone else they invited from outside Boulder, CO was also present.  This second party was a Satanist party and child sex was involved. JonBenet Ramsey died unintentionally as she was being sexually abused by an adult at this late night party.  And then the Satanic cult had to stage a cover up to protect its secrecy.  So they staged a false crime scene at the Ramsey house and members of the cult helped do it. A lot of the people who were at the Ramsey house the next morning were cult members helping to cover up what really happened. The unknown voices heard by the 911 dispatcher when Patsy called the police the next morning were members of this cult. This is what I 100% believe.  

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  1. look into an individual named John Robert Thwaytes. Though many of the higher ups practiced Thelema and other ritual magic old time religions, most practiced a certain form of satanism that harbors back to the days of Jakub Frank and the do what thou wilt spirit. Particularly read the book on Lucifer written by Thwaytes. Thwaytes was a pedophile connected not only to the OCCK cases, a catholic priest in the Port Huron region at the time, he would later form a boys home in India which worked as an international blackmail pedophile operation involving India's youth. His book concerning lucifer really dives into this \”unholy trinity\” and their sick beliefs which are masquerading as followers of Abraham.


  2. Thanks for the heads up about Thwaytes. I will certainly research him. In several posts on my Blog I posit a hidden connection between Satanism and Judaism. I see the two co exist in the world but that they never interfere with each other. At the very least they are secret allies but I think the relationship goes deeper than that. I would like to understand more about the relationship between Jews and Satanism. It exists but its very secretive. Also, have you looked into Jewish ritual sacrifice; i.e. Jews doing human sacrifices of Christians and young children? That is an extremely fascinating subject. Here is a link to get you started down that rabbit hole if you are unaware. Most people have no clue about this stuff. I want to learn more about it but its a very deep rabbit hole to go down. https://justice4poland.com/2019/07/30/unsolved-jewish-ritual-murder-of-5-chicago-children/


  3. OK- REALITY CHECK. You THINK there's a satanic cult in Boulder? Wth?! I mean, you're REALLY REACHING, man, on ALOT oftopics on this site. I appreciate yer time n effort, BUT what you THINK isn't relevant, and it clouds yer mind, bleeding into n staining the things ya know. Of course Jon Benet was murdered. And of course her parents knew who did it. But that's all ANYONE knows.


  4. What I say is based upon the testimony of Nancy Krebs who had family members at the location where JonBenet Ramsey died. Of course you think I am pulling this satanic cult business out of my ass but I am not. This is what I really believe after connecting all the dots that you have not even seen yet. Before you dismiss what I say you need to learn a lot of information that is not known by most people. You are a blue pilled person who has not seen all the evidence but at least you are honest. I will take an honest person who does not know any day over all the snakes who do know but purposely tell the lie. I gave you links to the testimony of Nancy Krebs. Did you even read it?


  5. Quoting from your post \”There was a Christmas Party held at the White residence on Christmas day but after that party there was another part that had nothing to do with Christmas. This second party was a sex party and members of this Satanic cult in Boulder Colorado were present and anyone else they invited from outside Boulder, CO was also present.”I believe there was such a party. Do you have any evidence to support this claim?


  6. I base what I say first on the testimony of Rusty Nelson of the Franklin Credit Union Scandal from the 1980's who described these VIP sex parties. If you have not already read my post on the Franklin Credit Union Scandal, here it is: https://strangerinajewishworld.blogspot.com/2020/07/a-word-about-franklin-credit-union.html. I believe Rusty Nelson to be an honest credible witness so that lays the foundation that these child sex parties were going on long before the JonBenet Ramsey murder but that the same type of people as in the JonBenet Ramsey murder were involved. The second thing I base this on is the testimony of Nancy Krebs, who I also believe is an honest credible witness. I have done numerous posts on this Blog about Nancy Krebs and there is a huge amount of information to be absorbed. I cannot summarize all that research for you here but if you look at the older posts on my Blog you will learn everything I learned from what Nancy Krebs revealed. The testimony of Rusty Nelson and Nancy Krebs is the main evidence I have to support the claim you asked about.


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