A link between Fleet White Sr. and Occidental Petroleum:

So I came across a link today that places Fleet White Sr. being in some kind of leadership position in Occidental Petroleum in the early 1960\’s.

Here is the link:  https://laradio.com/wherep.htm

Go to that link and look under the name Nick Paul and you will find this paragraph:

 In 1960, Nick went to George B. Storer\’s KPOP and stayed there a year, along with Duke Norton and other personalities. The station was then sold. It was during this time that close friends were urging Nick to try his hand in the oil business. He would first be a land man for Occidental Petroleum working under Fleet White and then in Public Relations, which his son acknowledges was Nick’s real strength. Success followed and after ten years Nick headed up his own company to facilitate connecting rich businessmen whom wanted to drill for oil with the major oil companies to provide the equipment and know-how with profits split and Nick making profit as well as percentage points in the newly drilled wells. Nick would stay active as an advisor up until his passing on July 25, 2004.   His son carries on the family name and show business tradition as a jazz drummer in Los Angeles.

The way this article talks, Fleet White must have been of person of some prominence in Occidental Petroleum.  Here is the Wikipedia page for Occidental Petroleum with some facts that could intersect with either Fleet White Sr. or his father, Mariner Fleet  White.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occidental_Petroleum

1920: Occidental Petroleum was founded in California.

It appears that Fleet White was working for Occidental Petroleum before he started his own oil company, Fleet Oil Company in 1962.

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