Satanist Infiltration and Control of Organizations:

In previous posts I have discussed Satanism in the real world and how followers of Satanism (Satanists) secretly infiltrate and control various organizations. When JFK gave his \”secret societies\” speech in 1961, this is exactly what he was talking about:

In this post I want to give some details about that.

Satanists control various organizations such as Government at all levels, Law enforcement at all levels, media at all levels, the U.S. military, financial institutions, Religious organizations, Business Organizations, Entertainment related organizations, etc.. because it is in their best interest to do so.  The primary motivations for wanting to control these organizations are power, money, control and maintaining secrecy about themselves and their operations.  In many ways, Satanism is just organized crime with a secret Religious aspect to it.  Its like a secret Mafia that has its dirty little fingers in everyone\’s pie.

Satanist control of organizations is facilitated by the control of people in key or leadership positions in these organizations.  From these leadership positions, the Satanist controlled individual can help control everyone else in the organization that is underneath him or her in the organizational hierarchy.  For example, in terms of a police station, the Chief of Police is a key leadership position for Satanists to want to control because in this position the Chief of Police can control the entire police department.  In terms of the FBI, for the Director of the FBI to be Satanist controlled he or she can control the FBI.  So controlling key positions in an organization allows Satanists to control the entire organization.  

Now I discuss some of the key leadership positions of various organizations that Satanists want to control by any means necessary.

In terms of State and Federal Government organizations, key positions are President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, legislators, Congressmen, Senators, Prime Minister in the UK, M.P.s in the UK, Governors, important cabinet positions such as the U.S. Secretary of Defense, Supreme Court members.  Note:  It is no coincidence that people filling these positions are very likely to contract \”Corona virus\” in 2020.  Satanists want to enslave the entire human race and \”Corona Virus\” is a means to an end for them to do it.  Are you wearing your mask like a good little slave?  You are? Then you surely won\’t mind taking this \”vaccine\” that can be used to identify you and control your bank account from now on.  Remember, all we want to do is keep you \”safe\”.  You believe that, right? Open your mouth and say \”Baaaaahhhhhh\”.  Good sheep. 

In terms of Law Enforcement organizations, key positions are FBI Director, Chief of Police, head investigators, Judges/magistrates, District Attorneys, Lead Detectives, Police inspectors, Coroners and medical examiners. 

In terms of military organizations, Generals, Admirals, Chiefs of Staff, military base commanders, important positions in the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense.

In terms of financial organizations, Bank Presidents, loan officers, Federal Reserve officers, important positions in Banks and investment firms.

In terms of media related (television, radio, newspaper, magazines, internet) organizations, owners of television and radio stations, program directors, prominent news commentators, talk show hosts, newspaper editors, magazine editors, web site administrators, etc.

Example:  Tricia Griffith, web site Administrator of WebSleuths, Forumsforjustice and who knows how many others?

In terms of Religious organizations, Popes, Television Evangelists, Leaders (pastors and ministers) of prominent churches. 

A few examples of corrupt Satanist owned individuals in Religious organizations:

In terms of Business Organizations, Presidents and CEOs of important corporations, privately owned companies and other business organizations.

Example, Warren Buffett:

In terms of Entertainment related organizations, heads of major film studios, heads of major music related studios, heads of major record labels, important movie directors, important movie stars and musicians who can do no wrong, such as the following:

Now we come to the various methods by which Satanists control the individuals filling these key positions.

Recruitment of devoted Satanists:  Of course the best way for Satanists to control an organization is to put their own people (other Satanists) into key positions and this is frequently the case.  These people willingly serve the Satanist hierarchy without a need to bribe them or blackmail them.  This is the preferred method of controlling a key position. Often Satanists are recruited early/young and trained and groomed over a long time period to take over a leadership position at a later time.  

Satanist recruited, trained and groomed from a young age to be POTUS:

A devoted Satanist who became POTUS:

Another devoted Satanist who became POTUS:

Financial compensation:  Offering regular kick backs of money like organized crime has done for many decades is one way to control a corrupt individual.  Another way is a one time bribe of money or property (such as a new car or a new house) to keep quiet about something or to do something the Satanists want done.  

Example: a lot of houses were given free to corrupt individuals in Newtown, Connecticut after the fake Sandy Hook school shooting to keep them under control and silent about the Psyop. 

Blackmail:  Blackmail is commonly used by Satanists to control individuals in key positions of organizations.  In terms of Blackmail, it is often pedophilia or child sex abuse that is used to Blackmail since there is no better way to destroy someone\’s career than for them to be accused of charges like these.  So Blackmail usually involves pedophilia or child sex abuse in some way.  Under this category, there are three ways that the Satanists control key individuals using Blackmail:

Method one is to purposely recruit criminals or pedophiles and use them to fill key or leadership positions.  These people already have a past and plenty of material that can be used to blackmail them so they are very easy to control.  For pedophiles who are recruited into leadership positions, the Satanists hierarchy often provides them with children to sexually abuse for free while they are in positions of power to keep them happy and serving the Satanist agenda.  

Here is an example of a purposely recruited pedophile who is offered children to abuse:

Method two is to set up an honest person to blackmail them.  For example, an honest person may be set up and manipulated into a position where they are in a sexually compromised position with a child.  It is filmed so it can be used to blackmail the honest person into compliance.

As an example of this, U.S. Senator Frank Church (shown in the image below) was set up in a sexual situation with a child to stop his Senate committee from further investigating the CIA in the mid 1970\’s.  The CIA set up Church with a child that they had trained, filmed the encounter and then used it to shut down Church commission investigating the CIA after Watergate:

See this post about Claudia Mullen for more info on Frank Church\’s blackmail by the CIA.

Method three is to insist that everyone who is in a high enough leadership position to purposely put themselves into a sexually compromising position with a child and allow it to be filmed as future blackmail material.  This ensures that everyone can be controlled.  If anyone ever decides to deviate from what the Satanists want then they can be easily destroyed in the main stream media which the Satanists also control.

A controlled individual who stepped out of line and got his career destroyed:

Pressure: Pressure is put on honest individuals to cooperate with the Satanist agenda by the people in key positions within the organization.  Even though they know nothing about the larger Satanist agenda (such as 9-11) they cooperate and do what they are told so they can keep their current positions.  Or they may be offered promotions if they do what they are told and do not ask questions.  Many people just take care of themselves and it is very easy to get people to do what they are told.  In this way Satanists control many otherwise honest individuals without the individuals knowing anything about the bigger agenda.  This happened a lot to make 9-11 possible.

Murder:  In cases where an individual holding a key position cannot be bribed or blackmailed or pressured into doing what the Satanists want, the individual is simply killed to remove him or her and to replace him with someone the Satanists do control. Usually the murder is disguised to appear to be an accident or a suicide but sometimes assassination is used.  A key example of this is JFK.  JFK was murdered and replaced by someone the Satanists controlled, which was LBJ.

Satanists got rid of someone not under their control in 1963 in the most evil and brutal way possible:

In 1968 they got rid of his brother using a CIA mind controlled assassin named Sirhan Sirhan:

Another way murder is used is to kill someone who threatens to expose one of the individuals who the Satanists control.  This is what happened in the case of Rod Hotham, who in 1980 tried to release damaging information about U.S. Senator William Cohen.  Rod Hotham quickly disappeared and a cover story was invented about him running away to escape charges of embezzlement.  

Rod Hotham, kidnapped and murdered in 1980 to silence him:

Rod Hotham Post.

Another way murder is used is to kill a family member of someone who threatens Satanist control over an organization to prevent them from getting control.  An example of this is Bill Cosby, who was trying to gain ownership and control of NBC.  As a way to shut Cosby down, his son was brutally murdered by the side of the road as a warning to Cosby that he had better cease and desist his attempts to gain ownership of NBC.

Ennis Cosby, murdered by Satanists to prevent Bill Cosby from owning NBC:

Once one or more Satanist owned individuals become infiltrated into leadership positions of an organization then they can be used to infiltrate other Satanists into the organization under them. This can be done in various ways:

1) Honest people under the authority of the Satanist owned individual can be fired and replaced with corrupt, owned individuals. 

2) Honest people under the authority of the Satanist owned individual can be transferred to other locations and replaced with controlled individuals..  For example, a controlled base commander in the U.S. military can transfer honest people off his base and replace them with corrupt or owned individuals who will then network and share Satanist control at the military base.


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