Dossier of Nancy Krebs\’ younger sister, Shirley L. Krebs Reed:


Nancy Krebs has a sister who is approximately 1 year and six months younger than she is. 

Born: September 20, 1964

This sister started suffering the same sexual abuse as Nancy when Nancy was approximately six years old and the sister was around 4 and a half.  This would be around 1968.  Most of this abuse happened at their grandparent\’s house.  The grandmother was Alyce Cristoff.  The implication is that both Fleet White Sr. and his son Fleet White Jr. were sexually abusing both sisters during this time.  The implication is that the mother of the girls, Gwen Cristoff Krebs, was allowing this sexual abuse of her daughters by the Whites at her mother\’s house.  Question:  Where was Alyce Cristoff living in 1968?  Question:  Where was Gwen Krebs living in 1968 with her two young daughters?

1985 – 1995: Shirley Krebs is employed with the U.S. Government as a data control clerk/financial analyst at McClellan Air Force Base, California.  Note that McClellan Air Force Base is just north of Sacramento, CA so at this time Shirley was probably living in Sacramento or a suburb of it.

1995: Shirley Krebs moves from Sacramento, CA to Arvada, CO. and starts a new job in nearby Denver, CO.

1995 – 1998: Accountant, Centrally Managed Career Intern Program, DFAS, Denver, CO.

December, 1996: Shirley is living in Arvada, CO with her husband, her five year old daughter and her son of unknown age.  Her husband is a heavy equipment operator in Arvada, CO.

At some point before 12-25-1996, a secret arrangement is made for Shirley\’s daughter to be sexually used by adults at a sex party to be held in Boulder on 12-25.  Shirley\’s mother (Gwen Krebs) tells her of the plan and gets her to agree to it.  Regarding this secret arrangement, it surely involved Fleet White Sr.  Question:  Where was Fleet White Sr. living during the earlier part of December?  Was he living in Southern California or was he living in Aspen?  If he was living in Southern California then when did he fly to Denver, Colorado?  I think he would fly there shortly before Christmas day, 1996 and he would be staying at his son\’s house in Boulder so he would be there for the Christmas party and the sex party on Christmas day.  Another question is was Nyla with him when he flew to Denver?  I very strongly suspect she was and that both Fleet White Sr. and Nyla White came to the house of their son Fleet White Sr on the day or two days before the party so they would be available for it.  I believe that Nyla White was involved in cooking food for the Christmas day party. 

At some point before 12-25-1996, Gwen Krebs flies from Southern California to Arvada, CO to visit her daughter\’s family but the only reason for the visit is so that Gwen can bring her granddaughter to a planned sex party in Boulder on 12-25.

12-25-1996:  Gwen Krebs brings her granddaughter from Shirley\’s house in Arvada, CO and drives her into Boulder so they can both attend a Christmas Party first and then the later planned sex party afterwards.

After 12-25-1996: Shirley and her husband threaten their daughter in various ways not to tell anyone what she saw at the sex party; in other words not to tell about who she had seen kill JonBenet.  Some of these threats involve killing her pet guinea pig.  Some of these threats involve the daughter being killed the same way as JonBenet was killed.  Note:  in saying these things, the parents may have been legitimately trying to protect their daughter\’s safety and life and their own lives.  The parents may have been threatened themselves and told to make sure that their daughter never told and that if she ever did tell that they would all end up dead. Knowing the people involved and the secret they were trying to keep, it was no empty threat.

May 1998: Shirley moves from Arvada, CO to Ramstein Air Base, Germany. Her mother (Gwen Krebs) came to Arvada, Colorado to help take care of her two children there initially.  Shirley\’s husband was also there but he was working so Gwen Krebs took care of the two kids.

End of June, 1998:  The two children fly back to Southern CA to live with Gwen in Trona for awhile.  Shirley\’s husband goes to work in Las Vegas, NV.  He is a heavy equipment operator in Las Vegas just as he was in Arvada. That is his line of work.

Unknown Date:  At some point Gwen flies to Germany with her two grandchildren and delivers them to her daughter who is living and working there.

1998 – 2001: Disbursing Officer, USAFE/FM, Ramstein Air Base, Germany

1999: Shirley\’s husband leaves Las Vegas, NV and moves to Germany to be his wife and two children.

In February 2000 at the time Nancy Krebs gave her testimony to the Boulder authorities, her sister was in Germany, possibly at a U.S. military base in Germany. The sister was age 35 and her daughter was age 8 at this time. Her husband and two children were living with her at this time.
2002 – 2003: Chief, Accounting Operations, DFAS-EU, Ramstein AB, Germany.
2003 – 2005: Chief, Acquisition Accounting, DFAS-DY, Dayton, Ohio
2005 – 2006: Deputy Field Site Director, DFAS-DY, Dayton, Ohio 
2006 – 2008: Accountant, Air Force Materiel Command, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio
2008 – 2010: Accounting Officer, SAF/FMFA, Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio  
2011 – 2012: Director, Management Services Compliance, SAF/FMFA, Wright Patterson AFB, OH 
2014: Shirley earned her Master of Science in Administration in Acquisitions Administration, Central Michigan University.

More to Come

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