Chronology of Nancy Krebs:

Family Tree to explain all the relationships.

April 25, 1962: Nancy Krebs is born to Don and Gwen Krebs who are living in Buena Park, CA. 

~ October, 1963:  Nancy Krebs sister is born to Don and Gwen Krebs.

Unknown Date:  Nancy Krebs brother is born to Don and Gwen Krebs.

~1965 – 1968: Nancy Krebs is sexually abused by Gordon W. Christoff, Fleet White Sr., Fleet White Jr. Macky Boykin, John Ramsey, Don Krebs, her paternal grandparents (Harold and Lois Krebs) and (many) others.  All of the people who abused her are part of a Satanic cult that she was born into. All of this abuse happens when she is living in Beuna Park, CA. Some of the abuse happens at her house in Buena Park.  Some of the abuse happens at the White house where her mother Gwen takes her. Some of the abuse happens at other locations where her mother Gwen takes her.  Her younger sister is also being abused in the same way. I suspect that Gwen Krebs was prostituting her two young daughters to adult men for money. I suspect that Gwen Krebs was not working a regular job but was living off the money she earned by prostituting her daughters to other cult members, especially rich ones like Fleet White Sr.  I also suspect that Macky Boykin acted as something of a child pimp, training and conditioning young girls to be used as sex toys for adult men in the Satanic cult for money, especially wealthy men like Fleet White Sr.  I suspect that Satanism was deeply involved in this sexual abuse and child prostitution.  Also child pornography was being taken of the abuse of her daughters and sold and Gwen Krebs was getting a cut of that.  So she was profiting from the sexual abuse of her daughters the same way as I contend that John and Patsy Ramsey were profiting from the abuse of JonBenet.  

~1968: Nancy\’s parents Don and Gwen Kreb divorce.  Nancy and her sister remain with their mother in Beuna Park, CA and her brother goes with her father to live in Los Osos, CA.

1972:  Nancy and her mother and sister move from Buena Park, CA to Los Osos CA to live with Don Krebs and his son there.

Unknown Date in 1970\’s: Nancy Krebs flies to Aspen, Colorado to visit Fleet White Sr.

Unknown Date:  Nancy and her mother and her sister and her brother move from Don Krebs\’ house to a small two bedroom apartment in Los Osos.  

~1975:  Nancy is is in the seventh grade, approximately age 13 and living in Los Osos, CA.  She had a lot of absences because of the sexual abuse she was experiencing. This is around the last time that Nancy Krebs had sexual contact with John Ramsey. At this time Nancy was living in a small two bedroom apartment in Los Osos with her mother and her sister and her brother. Gwen and Nancy share one bedroom and her sister and her brother share the other bedroom. Her mother was a prostitute during this time a lot of men would come over to the apartment and have sexual intercourse with Gwen and sometimes they would have sex with Nancy who was sleeping in the same bed. John Ramsey was one of these men who would sexually abuse Nancy when she was in the 7th grade.  He would tie her to the bed or tie her to the clothes rod in the closet (bondage) when he abused her.  She said strangulation techniques were being used on her and she thinks that both John Ramsey and Macky Boykin were there together.  Note: If John Ramsey and Macky Boykin were both using strangulation techniques on Nancy then it means that John Ramsey knew, possibly from Macky Boykin, how to use these strangulation techniques to achieve sexual arousal in a person being abused.  If so, then it means that John Ramsey knew how to do these techniques himself and how to create the implements for them (such as garrotes). Could this mean that it was John Ramsey who was applying sexual asphyxiation techniques on his own daughter as Fleet White Sr. was sexually abusing her at the White sex party?  I suspected this before but seeing this comment from Nancy Krebs makes me suspect even stronger.  I wondered why Fleet White Jr. would be strangling JonBenet and not John Ramsey.  John Ramsey was JonBenet\’s handler, so if he knew how to perform this techniques on a child then it would be him and not Fleet White Jr. strangling his daughter to make her feel sexual arousal.  And if he knew how to make garrotes and ligatures then it would be John Ramsey who would create the garrote from one of Patsy\’s paint brushes and who would form the loose ligatures on his daughter\’s dead body in the staged crime scene later.  This has the strong feeling of truth to it.  

~1976:  Nancy is in the eighth grade, approximately age 14 and still living in Los Osos, CA with her mother and her sister and her brother.  She has even more absences.

1976-1978:  Her family (or at least her mother and her and her sister) move from Los Osos, CA to Trona, CA.  Nancy Krebs lives in Trona, CA with her mother Gwen and her stepfather Thomas Boykin. When Gwen and Nancy and her sister and brother first moved in with Thomas Boykin, Tom Boykin had a two bedroom trailer.  Nancy and her sister shared one bedroom.  Tom and Gwen shared another bedroom. And her brother, Macky, and Macky\’s two sons Theodore Eugene Boykin and Kent Alan Boykin all slept in the living room together. Also on the property was a pull type trailer and sometimes Macky would stay out there. The last time that Fleet White Jr. was sexually involved with Nancy was a sex party that took place inside this small trailer with Nancy as the victim.  A lot of Macky\’s and Tom\’s nephews attended, Macky Boykin attended, Fleet White Jr. attended, Tom Boykin attended.  All of them gang raped Nancy during this sex party. Nancy was 14-15 at this time and Fleet White Jr. was 28 – 30. 

~1977 – 1979:  Nancy was in the ninth to eleventh grade in Trona, CA. During this period of time, Nancy Krebs met Patsy Ramsey at a Rainbow Girls convention being held in Sacramento, CA. 

~1980: There were threats made against Nancy\’s life at the time of the trial of Macky Boykin including a bomb threat called in to the school she was attending in Trona and the entire high school was evacuated to the football field.

Unknown Date:  Nancy Krebs moves back to Los Osos, CA.  She may have gone to live with her father and brother. 

~1990:  Nancy Krebs starts therapy for being a victim of child sexual abuse.

December 26 or December 27, 1996:  Nancy Krebs received a call from Gwen Krebs saying she had seen on the Extra TV show that Fleet White Sr. was a suspect in the JBR murder.  Gwen is calling Nancy from her sister\’s house in Arvada, Colorado.

End of December 1996 or early January 1997: Shortly after the murder of JBR, Nyla White talked to Nancy Krebs and told her that Fleet White Sr. was very disturbed that he was spending all of his time and all of his money on Fleet White Jr and trying to find the murderer of JonBenet.  Translated:  Fleet White Sr. was spending all of his time and all of his money trying to protect himself and his son Fleet White Jr from being investigated and indicted.  Also this reveals that Fleet White Sr., who was very wealthy and had powerful connections, was helping to fund the cover up of the truth.  This includes bribing people to keep silent or change their story to fit a cover story.  In this same conversation, Nyla White disclosed to Nancy Krebs that Fleet White Jr. and Fleet White Sr. had accidentally killed JBR.  This disclosure was edited out of the transcript given by Nancy Krebs to Boulder CO authorities in February 2000.

End of December 1996 or early January 1997:  Nancy Krebs receives a call from her grandmother, Alyce Christoff Sprague. Alyce tells Nancy, \”you know he\’s guilty.\” and she is talking about Fleet White Sr., not Fleet White Jr. She said it was Fleet White Sr. who did the homicide.

~August of 1998:  Nancy Krebs picks up her mother and niece and nephew at the San Francisco airport and drives them all back to her apartment in Los Osos, CA.  The mother of the niece and nephew is in Germany where she was transferred as part of her U.S. Government job in May of 1998.  Gwen and Nancy and the niece and nephew spend some time together.  During this time, Nancy Krebs drove Gwen, her niece and nephew and a neighbor boy to Arroyo Grande, CA which is close to Los Osos, CA where Nancy lived. As they were walking past a sidewalk sale at a Payless drug store in Arroyo Grande, CA, Nancy Krebs\’ niece saw a binder that had a picture of a Barbie on it and instantly became hysterical and said \”They\’re going to kill my guinea pig. They are going to take my guinea pig and kill it.  They are going to kill me!\” Nancy Krebs took her niece into the back seat of her car to try to calm her down and this when her niece screamed \”they killed the little girl and they were going to kill her!\”  She was talking about JonBenet, whose death she saw at the party at the White residence. 

Unknown Date:  While Nancy Krebs\’ mother had her niece and nephew under her care, she was prostituting the two kids to men in Southern California.  Nancy Krebs saw her niece brought back to her house in handcuffs during this time.

Unknown Date in 1998:  On the night before Nancy Krebs\’ niece and nephew were to fly to Germany, something significant happened. Nancy was helping her niece pack and she found inside her niece\’s backpack a manila envelope about the same size as the one Fleet White Sr had sent her pictures in.  Inside the envelope were photographs of mummified bodies, a scorpion and an ant hill with ants. This envelope was from Fleet White Sr and the photographs were used to scare the child to keep her quiet about what she had seen at the party.  The mummified bodies was a threat that she would become a mummified body if she told.  The picture of the scorpion was also a threat.  After the murder, this child was threatened with a live scorpion to scare her and the scorpion actually bit her.  She was terrified of it.  So the picture of the scorpion was being used to reinforce her terror and fear.  After the murder she was also bit by ants to terrify her so the picture of the ants was meant to reinforce her terror of being bit by ants. Question:  where did this torture take place and who did it to the child?  Gwen Krebs? I suspect it was Gwen Krebs and it was also Gwen Krebs who put the photos in her granddaughter\’s back pack to threaten her into silence.

Unknown Date:  Fleet White Sr. sends Nancy Krebs the funeral notice of her Grandfather, Gordon Christoff, who died in 1966.  This was a death threat to Nancy Krebs that if she talked the same thing would happen to her.

January 2000:  Nancy Krebs\’ was abused by Kent Alan Boykin, one of the sons of Macky Boykin.  Note:  Macky Boykin died in November of 1996 but his family members continued to abuse Nancy.

February 2000:  Nancy Krebs is offered a bribe of $75,000.00 by Fleet White Sr. to keep quiet and to not testify in front of Boulder, CO authorities.  She refuses the offer, telling Fleet White Sr that she does not want any of his money.

More to Come

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