Summary of Linda Wickerman\’s notes

In the previous post I documented the typed transcript of Linda Wickerman\’s notes.  In this post I want to summarize all of the significant information from those notes that I see as very relevant to this case.

Fleet White Sr. sexually abused his own children including Fleet White Jr. and Lani White.

Fleet White Sr. sexually abused his grandchildren including Daphne White.

Daphne White, daughter of Fleet and Priscilla White, has been sexually molested by Fleet White Sr., Fleet White Jr. and possibly others outside the family.

John and Patsy Ramsey knew Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla White long before their purported first meeting in Boulder, Colorado in 1994.

Nancy Krebs said that John Ramsey had a social and sexual relationship with her mother (Gwen Krebs) before John Ramsey met Patsy.

Nancy Krebs said that John Ramsey sexually abused her when John Ramsey was in his twenties to his mid thirties before John Ramsey met Patsy. 

Prominent people in Colorado were involved with JonBenet Ramsey in various venues.

JonBenet was trained to entertain and interact with adult males.

JonBenet had a circle of contacts, some not interacting with JonBenet appropriately, such as her 20 year old half brother (John Andrew Ramsey) and others. 

Nancy Krebs\’ sister and her niece lived in Arvada, Colorado in December 1996, which is less than thirty minutes driving time from Boulder, Colorado.  The niece was aged five at this time. Gwen Krebs was visiting Nancy Krebs\’ sister in Arvada for the Christmas holiday in 1996.

A Christmas Party was held at the house of Fleet White Jr and Priscilla White in Boulder, Colorado.

The four Ramseys went to this Christmas Party.

After the Christmas party ended and most of the guests had gone home from that, the Ramseys stayed at the same location for a late night sex party.  

A close, exclusive group was in attendance at the sex party. 

Gwen Krebs attended the sex party with her five year old granddaughter.  The only reason for Gwen Krebs to be at the party was to bring the five year old for sexual entertainment for the adults at this sex party.  Gwen Krebs\’ daughter knowingly allowed her five year old daughter to be brought to this sex party to be abused by adults just as John and Patsy Ramsey knowingly allowed their six year old daughter to be abused by adults at this sex party.

Nancy Krebs\’ niece (granddaughter of Gwen Krebs) attended the sex party. She was age five in December 1996 and was age 8 in February 2000.  She was overseas in Europe in February 2000 with her mother.  Her mother (Nancy Krebs\’ sister) was in the U.S. military and was stationed in Germany in 2000 with her daughter.   

During the sex party, three girls were passed around to be used for sex by the adults at the party.  These were JonBenet Ramsey, Nancy Krebs\’ niece, and Daphne White.

The sexual abuse of the three children by adults at this party was filmed.

In addition to the sexual abuse of children by adults, there is a business aspect to this also in terms of child prostitution (renting children to adults for sex for profit) and selling child pornography created of the sexual abuse to other members of the group for profit. 

JonBenet Ramsey was being strangled during the sex party by Fleet White Jr.  Her death was filmed and became a snuff film. 

JonBenet was brought back to her home dead and a false crime scene was staged there to make it appear as if the death had happened inside the Ramsey home instead of the White home.

The altercation/conflict between the Ramseys and the Whites after the death of JonBenet was staged for public/media consumption. 

Fleet White Sr. found out that Nancy Krebs was wanting to talk to the Boulder Colorado authorities about the case and he offered her a bribe of up to $75,000.00 not to say anything about what she knew.

The bribe was a loyalty test for Nancy Krebs.  Had she accepted it then she would have been killed.

Fleet White Sr. wanted Nancy Krebs to go to Aspen, Colorado to see him immediately to talk her out of going to Boulder, Colorado to talk to the authorities there.

More to Come.

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  1. If so, why is their new mention of how she received the skul crushing blow to the head. Whose a count is this?If it was filmed where is the film? Someone would have surely come forward for profit by this time!Also how does she have undigested pineapple in her stomach? Post mortem??


  2. Although it is not mentioned here, Nancy Krebs did talk about this later when she went to Boulder, CO. See. account is from Nancy Krebs through her lawyer Lee Hill before Nancy went to Boulder. IMO it was filmed but the film will never be released to the public. Everyone involved IMO was a member of a secretive Satanic cult and these people are trained from birth never to disclose anything that happens inside the cult and there are constant death threats to reinforce that secrecy. The same type of thing happens in Freemasonry, secrecy through constant death threats. If anyone came forward they would be dead and nobody would ever see the evidence. That is the way this works. If the pineapple is not disinformation, which I suspect, then she ate the pineapple during the earlier Christmas party at the White residence. In either case, she was dead before she was brought home. That is the big truth in all this.


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