Doing the Deep Dive on Gwen Krebs, mother of Nancy Krebs:

May 3, 1942: Gwen Cristoff is born to parents Gordon and Alyce Christoff.

1960: Gwen Cristoff marries Don Krebs, becoming Gwen Krebs.

April 25, 1962: Don and Gwen Krebs have a child named Nancy Krebs.

Unknown Date:  Don and Gwen Krebs have two other children together, a daughter younger than Nancy and a brother of unknown age.

Don and Gwen Krebs and their three children live in Buena Park, CA.

Gwen Krebs was seeing other men while she was married to Don Krebs. One of the men she was seeing was Macky Boykin, whose family lives down the street from them in their neighborhood in Buena Park, CA.

~1965 – 1968: Gwen Krebs allowed the sexual abuse of her daughters Nancy Krebs and her younger sister by Macky Boykin, Fleet White Sr., Fleet White Jr. and other men. Gwen Krebs took both Nancy and her younger sister to the Whites house to be sexually abused by Fleet White Sr. and/or Fleet White Jr. Nyla White of course knew about this sexual abuse.

~1968: Don and Gwen Krebs divorce. Don Krebs leaves his wife and two daughters and moved from Buena Park, CA. to San Luis Obispo, CA, taking his son with him.  Nancy Krebs continues living in Buena Park CA with her mother and younger sister.

1972:  Don and Gwen Krebs get back together again when Nancy is around ten years old. Gwen and Nancy and her sister move into the house or apartment where Don Krebs and his son moved to in 1968.

Unknown Date:  Gwen and her three children move into a small two bedroom apartment in Los Osos, CA, separating from Don Krebs.  Gwen was a prostitute during this time a lot of men would come over and have sexual intercourse with Gwen and sometimes they would have sex with Nancy who was sleeping in the same bed as her.

1974: Gwen Krebs wrote a letter in 1974 to Alyce Sprague and Albert Sprague saying that she talks to Johnny (John Ramsey) every Saturday. She said that John calls her at Sue\’s house (unknown person) around 11:00.  In the letter she says: He sounds so lonesome and I miss him so much, but hopefully it won\’t be too much longer. He just might be here on Thanksgiving.  He has to buy a car and wants to get a 1970 model and I guess they run about $1600.00. It\’s been five months since she last saw him. And speaking of Thanksgiving, I would like to have you (Alyce Sprague) come to my house.  Questions:  Where was John Ramsey living in 1974?  How old was John Ramsey in 1974? This implies that John Ramsey had personally interacted with Gwen in Southern CA before 1974 and sometime after that he moved somewhere else and was now communicating with her by phone every week.  John Ramsey has a secret history in Southern CA that involves Satanism.  That secret history involves both Gwen Krebs and the White family (Jr. and Sr.).  If John Ramsey was lonesome it means he was single at this time.  What were the dates when John Ramsey was married to his first wife?  Apparently he did not have a car at this time or he wanted to buy a newer car that could take him to Southern CA.  The implication is that he was going to travel to Southern California where Gwen lived from where he was living using that car for transportation.  Another implication is that John Ramsey did not have a lot of money at this time since he was wanting to buy a used car and apparently $1600.00 was a lot of money for him at this time. So John Ramsey was in Southern California in 1973 or early 1974.  Where was Gwen Krebs living in 1974?  Where was Alyce Sprangue living in 1974?  How far away with their two houses?  How long would it have taken Alyce and Albert Sprague to travel to where Gwen lived to spend Thanksgiving with her? 

March, 1976: Gwen Krebs and her two daughters move to Trona, CA.

1976/1977:  Gwen Krebs divorces Don Krebs.

Unknown Date:  Gwen Krebs marries Thomas Boykin (brother of Macky Boykin), becoming Gwen Krebs Boykin. Thomas Boykin and Gwen Krebs and Nancy Krebs and her sister and her brother all live together in a house in Trona, CA.

Unknown Date: Thomas Boykin and Gwen Krebs would show pornographic movies taken of Nancy\’s earlier sexual abuse in front of Nancy, her brother and sister and whoever else was at their house, men and teenaged boys.

Unknown Date before December 25, 1996:  A secret arrangement is made for Gwen Krebs to bring her five year old granddaughter to a Christmas Party that is to be held in Boulder Colorado.  The agreement is for the five year old granddaughter to be used for sex by adults at a late night party after the Christmas Party. The granddaughter lives in Arvada, CO which is about a half hours drive away from Boulder.

Unknown Date before December 25, 1996: Gwen Krebs flies from Southern CA to Colorado to visit her daughter and granddaughter in Arvada CO.  This is part of the secret arrangement so that Gwen can accompany her granddaughter to the Christmas Party in Boulder on 12-25-1996.

December 25, 1996: Gwen attends the Christmas day party at the White residence with her five year old granddaughter.  

December 25, 1996:  Gwen attends the sex party at the White residence. The only reason she attends is to bring her five year old granddaughter to be used by the adults at this sex party.  During this sex party, Gwen Krebs witnesses both the sexual abuse and the accidental killing of JonBenet Ramsey. 
December 26 or December 27, 1996:  Gwen Krebs sees an episode of the Extra TV show that says that Fleet White Sr. was a suspect in the JBR murder.  After seeing this, Gwen calls her daughter Nancy and tells her about seeing it. Gwen is calling Nancy from her sister\’s house in Arvada, Colorado.
May, 1998: Gwen Krebs goes to Arvada, CO to take care of her two grandchildren so her daughter can go to Europe. Note that one of the children who Gwen is taking care of is the same granddaughter who she took to the Christmas day sex party in 1996. Gwen stayed in Arvada taking care of her grandchildren there from May to the end of June 1998.  During this time, Gwen threatened her granddaughter in various ways not to say anything to anyone about what she had witnessed at the sex party they had attended in 1996.  One of those ways was to threaten a pet guinea pig that both of the children had at this time.  Gwen threatened that if the granddaughter told that they were going to take her guinea pig and kill it.  She also said that they were going to kill her (the granddaughter) if she told. 
End of June, 1998:  Gwen Krebs flies back to Southern California taking her two grandchildren with her.  The guinea pig that was used to threaten her also goes.
Unknown date in 1998:  Gwen Krebs has her two grandchildren living with her in Trona, CA.  During this time Gwen Krebs tortures and threatens her niece in various ways to keep silent about what happened during the 1996 sex party.  These tortures include being stung by ants, being threatened with and stung by a scorpion on her forehead, being burnt with a lit cigarette, being electrocuted on her hands, etc. All of this was done to threaten and traumatize the child never to reveal what she saw at the sex party, which was JonBenet\’s death.
August, 1998:  Gwen takes her two grandchildren who she is caring for over to her other daughter\’s house (Nancy Krebs) in Los Osos, CA for a visit. During this time, Nancy drives Gwen and her grandchildren to Arroyo Grande, CA which is close to Los Osos, CA where Nancy lived.
Unknown Date: Gwen was prostituting her grandchildren to men in Southern CA while they were living with her.
Unknown Date:  Gwen Krebs flies to Germany with her two grandchildren she has been caring for and delivers them to her daughter who is living and working there. 
1999: Thomas Boykin and Gwen Krebs Boykin separate.

February 2000:  Gwen Krebs Boykin is in the process of getting a divorce from Thomas Boykin.

More to Come

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