Dots to be connected:

~1975 – 1978: North Fox Island, Michigan pedophile ring and child pornography operations.  The head of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission during this time was John Ramsey\’s father, James Dudley Ramsey.  Described as very controlling, he was nicknamed the Michigan air czar because he liked to control everything.  In his position he had to know about the operations happening at North Fox Island which involved many air flights to and from the island. At the very minimum he was complicit in allowing the operations to go on under his nose without interference.  At the most, he was one of the pedophiles who was involved in what happened at North Fox Island.

1976-1978: The last time Fleet White Jr. sexually abused Nancy Krebs in Trona, CA. According to Nancy, the only reason he stopped is because others were noticing the signs of the sexual abuse and he did not want to get into legal trouble as Macky Boykin got in a short time later. Note that this period of time is approximately the same period of time as the pedophile and pornography operations on North Fox Island, Michigan.

1977:  Patsy Paugh is Miss West Virginia.

Late 1970\’s (assume ~1978): Nancy Krebs met Patsy Paugh at a Rainbow Girls convention in Sacramento California. This was before Patsy was married to John Ramsey.  I assume this was before Patsy even met John Ramsey.  

April 1979:  James Dudley Ramsey quietly retires from his long held position as the head of the Michigan Aeronautics Commission even though he is young enough to continue in that role.  Not coincidentally, he retires as the scandal about North Fox Island is exploding in Michigan.  As far as I know, James Ramsey was not even questioned by Michigan investigators of the North Fox Island scandal.

Summer of 1979:  Patsy moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  Shortly afterwards the rest of her family also moves from West Virginia to Atlanta, Georgia.

1979:  John and Patsy allegedly meet for the first time in Atlanta, Georgia.  What was John Ramsey doing in Atlanta, GA?  How long had John Ramsey been in Atlanta, GA before meeting Patsy and what was he doing during this time?  Was he living in Atlanta Georgia?

Late October 1979: Fleet White Jr. and Priscilla Brown Johnson are married in Pasadena, CA.

1980: Fleet White Jr. and his wife Priscilla live in Laguna Niguel, CA, a luxury community by the ocean in Southern California.

November 5, 1980:  John and Patsy Ramsey are married in Atlanta, GA.  

More to Come

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